The COVID-19 pandemic has upturned the working world as we know it. As a result, organisations have had to adapt to a new way of work, namely working from home. The adoption of communication tools and meeting management software has no doubt eased the transition to this new norm. 

Board Portal software has played a vital part in helping boards, executive and leadership teams to manage meetings. So, what are the essential features that your Board Portal must have to navigate the working world in 2021?

Built-in Video Conferencing
Your board, executive, and management teams need to be able to discuss, present and make decisions in real time. Due to COVID-19 and the social distance regulations imposed, it is more important than ever to be able to communicate over a video conference whilst working remotely - especially when you haven’t seen your colleagues for months at a time!

Whilst video conferencing is important, the meeting process needs to remain simple and straightforward so that all members of the board can participate with minimal technical help. Conducting your meetings through a board portal alongside a 3rd party video conferencing app can complicate things  - especially when a number of different devices are being used - as participants will have to continually switch between apps.  That’s why built-in video conferencing is a must have for your board portal in 2021.

Board Paper annotation
Running remote meetings requires the ability to collaborate seamlessly with a range of annotation tools. If an attendee wants to make a note, highlight a section or draw on the board papers, they should be able to. 

Annotation tools should be easy to use for all types of board members. This not only aids the communication process, but also allows participants to get down their initial thoughts and ideas. Moreover, annotations offer an additional layer of accountability for board members and teams. Once a board pack is annotated, you have a digital audit trail which helps you understand what was happening in that particular meeting. Annotations made on paper can simply get lost - especially when meetings are remote.

In-meeting voting
Whether or not Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted soon, for many organisations remote working will remain the norm. Physical meetings often require travelling, accommodation costs, and significant amounts of time. For this reason, board portals must be able to facilitate the decision making process.

Your board portal must allow you to create a survey, to be voted on either during or prior to the meeting. The voting system should be a secret ballot, or a show of hands. This improves accountability as well as speeding up the decision making process.

Convene provides all these essential board portal features (and more) to ensure streamlined remote communication, seamless collaboration, and easy decision making. Sign up for a free trial to check how Convene can help your board.

Hisham Al-Ramah

Written by Hisham Al-Ramah

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