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Convene at the PS ICT Summit

By Lavaniya Das on 09/03/17 17:30

Topics: Security

Yesterday, Convene attended the Public Sector ICT Summit in London.

This year's event was titled "Empowering Public Sector ICT Leaders". Nearly 170 public sector employees experienced state-of-the-art digital technologies, heard how to successfully implement best practices and networked with colleagues from across the sector.

Being International Women’s Day, there was even a talk about women in information and computer technology.

Another popular topic was security and the question of pursuing innovation without neglecting it.

Digital technology can help public sector organisations work smarter. However, security is often overlooked or misunderstood when thinking about a implementing a digital solution.

When moving away from having everything on paper to having everything on a digital device, there should be more than a barrier of  unlocking the screen to access sensitive files.

Paper is a security risk and organisations are still using a lot of it. Many people still print out  documents for review. One of the biggest security breaches in recent times happened in the US; 26.5 million discharged veterans records and social security numbers were stolen from the home of an employee who had taken work files home.

Paper documents can cause a lot of trouble. It’s a format that’s just too easy to destroy, and impossible to track, version or protect.

Ad-hoc sharing also creates risk. Most organisation don't provide a secure document sharing/mobile access solution for its employees.

Sharing tools like DropBox, Box.net, USB drives, and email attachments do not have the security levels needed to protect sensitive information. The most common occurrences of data theft or loss of sensitive information happen in these channels.

Convene is the digital meeting solution that helps save paper and time at board and senior level meetings.

Convene’s security is trusted by public sector, private sector, finance and healthcare organisations across the UK. Administrators have fine grained control over who can see what documents, and can even limit the downloading and printing of documents.

If security jargon is not your cup of tea, have a read of our security made simple paper.

Or find out how our client, Bucks County Council, is leading digital change from the top.

Lavaniya Das

Written by Lavaniya Das

Lavaniya Das is the Head of UK and EU Content at Azeus Convene UK.

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