Meeting Minutes are an essential part of the compliance process but they can be time-consuming. When time means money, you want to streamline as many processes as possible. Thankfully, with Convene that means auto generated Meeting Minutes

You may be asking, how long can Meeting Minutes actually take? The answer may surprise you, because writing up Meeting Minutes can actually take as long as the meeting! That means if you have had a 2 hour meeting, typing up the meeting minutes can take a minimum of 2 hours! 

On the other hand, auto generated Meeting Minutes can be reviewed and published within a matter of minutes. 


How Do Auto Generated Meeting Minutes Work?

Using Convene’s Meeting Minutes feature couldn’t be easier, your Board Administrator needs to simply input notes alongside the Agenda during the meeting then Convene will generate a template with the information already inputted. 

This means you can control the whole process from within the Convene app. The template also includes any resolutions and in-app voting results. 

With Convene, you can also make notes on the documents for your own reference later on. These can be both private or shared annotations, meaning your attention can be drawn to specific highlighted items or topics of debate.

A list of Action Items can also be easily compiled during the meeting with automated reminders. These will then be added to the auto generated Meeting Minutes to be reviewed at the following meeting. 

What Happens After The Meeting Minutes Are Generated?

Once the Meeting Minutes’ template has been generated with the provided information inputted your Board Administrator can finish up adding any other extra information, such as points of debate. 

Then, after your Board Administrator has checked over the template, they can enter the Meeting Minutes into the Review Room. It is at this point that your Chairperson and other Executive Members are able to ensure that all facts in the Meeting Minutes are correct, before they are published for the other Board Members and potentially the organisation to see. 

After passing the review stage, the Meeting Minutes can be published in the Document Library and attached to the next Board Pack for the Board to review. Any papers published in Convene’s Document Library have role-based access controls for maximum security.


How Can Convene Help Your Board To Streamline Meeting Processes?

From start-to-finish, Convene aims to make the meeting process smart, simple and secure. We are an award-winning Board Portal designed with your Board Members in mind. Convene is also now available as an extension within Microsoft Teams, so now your whole organisation can plan, meet and do more efficiently.

Our features allow the meeting preparation to be seamless with our smart Agenda Builder meaning creating a Meeting Pack is as simple as a drag-and-drop. All of our pre-, during and post-meeting features enhance your Board’s ability to collaborate and govern effectively whilst maintaining the highest security standards

If you would like to learn more about how Convene can help your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us or book a free demo today!

Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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