Established in 1838, Linklaters is a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Their work is divided into three broad divisions for management purposes - Corporate, Dispute Resolution and Finance and Projects. For the year ended 30 April 2016, Linklaters generated revenues of £1,310.1 million, making it the world’s fourth highest-grossing law firm.

Before becoming our client, Linklaters was using an online meeting solution from one of Convene’s competitors. The law firm, however, did not have a great experience with this solution when they started rolling out the product for Windows devices. As a result, in October 2016, Linklaters replaced that solution with Convene.

As explained in a product review, by Sophia Swain, Enterprise Architect with Linklaters, Convene is “very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side.” She also mentioned that the app is consistent between iOS and Windows, which was an essential requirement for their board members. They also liked the price that Convene offered.

“I’ve also found Azeus to be a pleasure to work with, really going the extra mile to get help us get up and running before a critical board meeting”, added Swain.


About Us

Convene is a leading and award-winning digital meeting solution, which can be easily configured specifically for your organisation to incorporate an easy-to-use, seamless and secure digitalised process of creating and managing Board meetings and associated meeting materials.

Designed for senior executives, executive assistants and administrators, Convene is an end-to-end comprehensive solution that helps everyone to be fully prepared for the next meeting. It not only helps your organisation establish more robust Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes, but also eliminates stress factors of attending and arranging numerous meetings thereby making everyone healthier in the long run. Importantly, Convene is a paperless solution that helps create an environment-friendly workplace incorporating processes that are green and sustainable.

Sangeeta Mukherjee

Written by Sangeeta Mukherjee

Sangeeta is a Content Specialist at Azeus Convene UK.

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