After our previous two articles –  Exploring mobile working and its benefits and Mobile working – Barriers to adoption – it is time to understand how an organisation can strategise the implementation of mobile working.

Given the enormous benefits that mobile working can provide, it is imperative that organisations take a much closer to this concept and start working towards adopting the same. Study conducted by The Work Foundation[1] suggests the following strategies that are critical in this context.

Leadership has to take a crucial role

Even when the benefits of mobile working are hugely accepted, many companies are yet to accept and implement the same in their work place. In a Samsung survey of 200 UK business owners in 2014, 28 per cent companies accepted that they do not trust employees to work remotely.

Therefore, to establish the culture in the workplace, the chief executives and board members of the company has to set an example by working remotely and publicising the same.

Implementing transparent people policies

In many companies, employees are not even aware of the presence of mobile working option. In some cases, mobile working has been granted for individual employees but denied to many.

In order to establish a successful mobile working culture, a company has to adopt clear and transparent people policies which will put more emphasis on output and outcomes and not on presentism and working hours.

Planning before executing

Before implementing the mobile work culture, a company has to plan carefully. It is important to understand employees and their individual preferences. The study suggests testing and trialling instead of a blanket adoption.

Finally, let us remember that ultimately the nature of a job and personal circumstance of an employee will determine whether he/she needs to work remotely. Also, companies must promote the mobile working culture and in that context, the leadership should take a critical role. Companies that are newly trying to implement mobile working culture, should learn lessons from the early adopters and be patient to finally see the positive outcomes of mobile working.


[1] Prof. Sir Cary Cooper et al. Working Anywhere: A Winning Formula for Good Work? The Work Foundation,(Lancaster University), January 2016

Sangeeta Mukherjee

Written by Sangeeta Mukherjee

Sangeeta is a Content Specialist at Azeus Convene UK.

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