There are three stages to every meeting process: planning, execution and resolutions. As such, there are also three main users of Convene: those who plan, those who meet, and those who do. 

1) Administrators:

Your administrative staff may consist of a Company Secretary, Board Administrator and even a Governance Manager. They are essential to the smooth running of operations and are responsible for planning your meetings! These members of your team will also ensure you are meeting your governance and compliance regulations. A Board Portal like Convene can make their jobs much easier by streamlining the meeting process and providing useful features like Agenda Builders and auto-generated Meeting Minutes. Learn More about Convene’s features here.


2) Board Members:

Convene is designed with your Board Members in mind. From your CEO to your Senior Leadership Team, our features can help ensure a smart, simple and secure meeting. With integrated video-conferencing, you can now easily have a hybrid or remote board meeting. Our Board Packs can be updated until the last minute, so you can have the most accurate information. There is also the option to have both shared and private annotations on your Board Documents, so you can focus on having dynamic debates. Learn more about Convene’s features or read our customer success stories.


3) IT Managers:

The main users of a Board Portal are administrators and directors, but selecting new software is always the responsibility of the IT department. Our award-winning Board Portal meets the highest international security standards including: AICPA SOC 2/3, ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018. Azeus Convene is also a CMMI Level 5 company, so we offer some of the best security on the market. We also provide a multi-layered security approach that offers users high levels of data protection, access control, availability, and application security. Learn more about our security here.

Convene offers an end-to-end Board Meeting Software solution, with options of cloud or on-site hosting, that ensures a streamlined meeting process. With the best security and features on the market, choose smart, simple and secure today.

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Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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