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Why Universities Choose Convene

By Lucy Palmer on 05/04/22 12:30

The role of universities in sharing knowledge is essential as the world works towards a better future. Here at Convene, we recognise the importance of communication and collaboration. That’s why we’re so proud of how many academic institutions have chosen to adopt our software.

Convene is already trusted by over 300 academic institutions, including the University of Warwick and LSE. So what makes Convene stand out from other management software?


Convene Meets High Security Standards

When it comes to security standards, universities need to stay ahead of the game, as they handle high levels of sensitive data. Convene is designed to respond to evolving cybersecurity threats. With AES 256-bit encryption and CMMI Level 5 accreditation, universities can rest assured their data is secure.

Speaking on the University of Warwick’s implementation of Convene, Sophie Black noted that ‘As an academic institution, a high volume of sensitive data is being managed. When we considered implementing a digital solution, security ranked as the first priority’.

The university made sure to do their research when investigating Convene’s state-of-the-art data protection: ‘To ensure effective due diligence, we compiled an in-depth requirement catalogue, and this made it possible to assess each product effectively’.

The fully GDPR-compliant system offers 24/7 protection and support.


Convene’s Useful Features Encourage Smart Communication

As budgets grow tighter, universities need to balance cost with functionality. Convene’s wide range of features allows academic institutions to streamline communication and get the most from their Board meetings, without sacrificing their budget.

As Helen Matthews, Assistant University Secretary at Birmingham City University noted: ‘Our costs are already much lower, and we are incredibly enthusiastic about its functionality. We often find ourselves discovering new features over and above the ones we already know’.

To take one example among many, the university made use of the built-in Review Room. ‘Before Convene, our draft minutes were circulated on email, but now we simply place them in the Review Room, where the minutes and comments are instantly available on one document’.


Convene’s Accessible Interface Enhances Collaboration

Convene’s intuitive features make our software one of the most accessible solutions on the market. The interface is so easy-to-use that even the most technophobic committee members feel comfortable.

We also have a range of features to support inclusive collaboration, including speech-to-text and transcription functions.

In the words of Nadine Lewycky, Governance Officer at Queen Mary University: ‘The feedback we’ve had from the committee has just been very positive. They have particularly highlighted how easy it is to navigate around a pack, click through the agenda and sign off papers’.

Fluent communication is at the heart of higher education, and our software makes this simpler than ever. Convene is an award-winning Board Portal designed to digitise and streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. Our comprehensive features include:

  1. A Document Library with role-based access to ensure your sensitive documents are protected.


  1. A built-in Audit Trail so you can be sure you are compliant with all regulations.


  1. Integrated Video Conferencing so you can make the switch from remote to hybrid working seamlessly, whilst still viewing your Board Pack all on one screen.


  1. Surveys, with the option for anonymity, so you can be sure you are aware of your employees' opinions.


  1. Accessibility Features, including text-to-voice, which makes us the leading accessible Board Portal.


If you would like to learn more about how Convene’s wide range of features can help your organisation achieve better governance, please do not hesitate to book a demo today!


Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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