Switching to digital meetings will save your organisation money. It will also save you time. Making the biggest impact of using Convene an overall increase in productivity. Time previously spent on meeting administration can be put to better use. Convene can increase productivity while reducing costs.

The cost of meetings can be split into two parts: cashable savings and non-cashable savings.

Cashable Savings:

Cashable savings are the costs that can be saved from consumables such as paper; printing; photocopying; distribution of meeting packs and the disposal of confidential papers.

Non-cashable Savings:

Non-cashable savings are those saved through a reduction in the time spent on the process of preparing meeting packs. Including putting the meeting packs together; their organisation; their distribution; and any last minute updates plus a second round of distrubuting the updated copies!

This where you can derive your increase in productivity and using a figure for these non-cashable savings is a way of attaching a value the saving.

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Save money and have sustainable paperless meetings with the Convene meeting appThere are also other savings that you can make by switching to paperless meetings. A switch cuts the need for paper storage solutions or costly archiving services for offsite storage. Most importantly, a switch will benefit our planet by reducing the need to create and transport paper.

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Tesco cashable paper savings from using Convene's meeting app

It is easy to try Convene before you buy. Start a free trial to see if it meets your business needs. However, if you are going through a formal procurement process you will probably need to compare Convene to other similar products on the market. And if you are going through a formal tender process you will need to create a tender document (or RFP) for the suppliers to complete, if you have not already got one of your own you can download one here.


Convene will not only cut costs from your meetings but will also help you improve the way in which your organisation works. Convene even comes with meeting efficiency reporting built in.

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