Our Security Measures Explained

Paper documents are not secure, they can be left at printers, photocopied, or simply forgotten somewhere and can compromise the security of your meeting. However, there are security concerns about storing sensitive documents online as well.

Convene is used by Banks, Governments and Healthcare organisations around the world and its security is regularly tested by our customers. We encourage regular testing as we know security threats are constantly evolving and working with you helps us all stay secure.

If you want a simple explanation of Convene security features you can download our security guide.

Download Our Security Made Simple Guide

Is my data encrypted?

Your data is always encrypted whether it is on the cloud on your device or somewhere in between. We encrypt data to a standard called AES256 this is the highest level of encryption available and would take the fastest super computer several billion years to crack.

Do you allow penetration testing?

Yes as an existing or potential Convene customer you can arrange for a penetration test of both your portal site and the application with your own security consultants. We just need 48 hours notice to inform AWS that a test is going to take place, this is part of our contract with them.

We also have our own penetration test carried out by a company of ethical hackers at least once a year. Together with our customer tests this means that we are reviewing the results of security tests at least once a month. 


What happens to the documents if someone loses their device or has it stolen?

You can remotely wipe documents from Convene from the system admin menu. You do not need to purchase any additional software for this to work and it does not depend upon the operating software of the device. Convene also contains offline hacking protection to prevent unauthorised access to the data even when the device is offline.

Can I use biometrics to log on to Convene?

Yes, you can. Convene supports devices with fingerprint recognition as a way of logging on to the application. You can also choose to use other forms of two factor authentication with Convene.

How can I keep track of who has accessed our data?

Convene comes with a full audit trail that is available for viewing or exporting from the system administrator console. Convene is designed so that only those people who are invited to meetings or organising meetings can see meeting documents. Even though the system administrator can see an audit trail of all of the meetings they cannot access any of the documents.

Can I set the user passwords to meet my corporate standards?

Yes, you can. As we developed Convene we have added lots of different options for creating passwords that have been requested by our customers. We are pretty sure that we will have a combination that will match your corporate password if not ask us and we will add it to the product. We also offer ADFS connectors which mean that you can log into Convene with the same user-name and password that you use to login to your Office 365 account or corporate email.

Do you comply with any security standards?

Our processes have been accredited to ISO27001 and  SOC 2, for our cloud hosting we use Amazon Web Services. AWS have a complete range of certifications relating to country specific security including ISO27001, ISO 9001, C5, Cyber Essentials Plus, SOC 1-3 and more. 

We canl also set up Convene on premise to serve your organisation's data compliance and security procedures.

Azeus Convene is also certified by UK Government's National Cyber Security Centre. This is a Government backed scheme that certifies that Azeus Convene's organisational data is safe against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

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Download Our Security Made Simple Guide

What our customers say

tesco plc case study convene board app client

Security is a step above the competition

"When Convene was reviewed by our InfoSec team, I remember them being happy and impressed by the security standards and certifications. From what they were saying, I
believe it was a step above from what we had before."

Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco

community trade union convene uk client for secure digital meetings

Contemporary security features

"Information security is very important because we deal with members and their personal data, so we must be vigilant. Everybody has got their own passwords, and as a system admin on Convene, I have fine grained access control so I can block certain users whenever required."

Anthony Ansar, IT Manager at Community Trade Union.

after adoption convene uk client for data secure meeting platform

Sensitive information is secure

"If you’re sending out copies in the post you must anonymise all the reports to remove surnames, so that if a package is lost data protection isn’t breached. That used to take several hours for each panel meeting. But with Convene it’s sent out on a secure server so we don’t have to anonymise documents, which saves a lot of time."

Nigel Foxon-Hale, Senior Administrator at After Adoption.

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Our demos are between 30-45 minutes long and can be done either online or onsite.

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