Azeus Convene's Whitepaper on Digitalisation of the Workplace

Digitalisation: An Overview

Digitalisation is the social transformation triggered by the mass adoption of digital technologies to generate, process, share and transact information. Not only does digitalisation build on the evolution of network access technologies, semiconductor technologies, and software engineering, but it also leverages the effects resulting from their use (common platforms for application development, e-government services, e-commerce, social networks, and availability of online information).

Find out why digital disruption will displace at least an average of 4 of today’s top 10 incumbents in each industry.

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The Environmental Cost of using paper at your office

The Environmental Cost of Using Paper in the Office

If every office in this world were to reduce their paper usage even by small amounts, the cumulative effect would not only be mind-boggling but also undoubtedly a strong and effective lever that can go a long way in reducing paper consumption and saving our environment. However, the questions that any organisation can ask are – why should we reduce our paper consumption? What is wrong with using paper? And why is it my responsibility?

Using statitics and data analysis we try to answer these questions and more.

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How to take meeting minutes on Convene's meeting application

Minute taking in Convene

Convene was built to steamline meeting processes and provide a secure, mobile working platform. Our platforms helps centralise your notes, comments and finalised minutes. Download our guide and find out how Convene can help you.

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Internet and Document Security terms and Convene security explained

Security Terms Explained

At Convene we believe that your trust in our security is an integral part of the user experience. Trust also means being able to explain things in an easy to understand way. Download our explainer document to understand why SSL and AES is needed for online security.

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Paperless NHS magazine sponsored by azeus convene the digital meeting application

The Paperless NHS

The NHS is working towards a digital paperless future, but although the technology exists, the goal can sometimes still feel distant. Find out how digitalisation of infomation and meeting processes could help the NHS as well as what to look for when it comes to digital security.

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