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5 Reasons to use G-Cloud

By Gabriella Mangham on 11-May-2021 10:26:43

The G-Cloud is a framework set up by the Government to streamline the procurement process of cloud-based products and services for the public sector. This works in two ways. Firstly, by eliminating the need to run a full tender or competition procurement process. Secondly, by storing the products on the Digital Marketplace, an online store for all the services covered by the G-Cloud Framework.

There are many benefits to using the G-Cloud Framework, but here are the top five:

  1. Choice
  2. Flexibility
  3. Budget
  4. Security
  5. Accessibility

G-Cloud offers around 25,000 services, ensuring there’s a product for every need. There are approximately 3,500 suppliers, which means innovation is encouraged through competition. This means you can make sure that you get the right product for you at the right price.

The services can be increased quickly if needed. They can also be decreased rapidly if needed. This flexibility allows cost-saving measures, and guarantees that no public money is wasted on a service or product that isn’t used. It also ensures efficiency, as this provides the option to make greater use of a helpful product or service.

On the subject of cost-saving, using cloud-based services will save money. The G-Cloud was set up to move public sector and governmental bodies into the cloud, because it is cheaper and more effective than running your own data centre. Furthermore, the Digital Market encourages suppliers to offer prices that are cheaper than commercial prices, thus saving the public sector money. It is also commodity-based, which means you wouldn’t be paying for more than you use.

The products and suppliers found on Digital Marketplace are all GDPR compliant. They are also already trusted by other governmental or public sectors. This means you can be comfortable and secure with the cloud servers and services procured.

The installation process and procurement process is fast. Due to the elimination of a tender or competition procurement, any cloud-based product bought is quickly installed. This means there is little to no time wasted on waiting around for a product. The Digital Marketplace is both convenient and easy to navigate!

It’s so easy, in fact, that these are the steps you would take to find Convene:

  1. When you enter the Digital Marketplace website, you will be given a choice “Find technology or people for digital projects in the public sector”. Pick “Find cloud hosting, software and support”.
  2. Start a “New Search”.
  3. Convene is a “Cloud Software” so select this option.
  4. Search “Azeus Convene”
Or, if you want to compare with other board portals, search “board portal”. You can then continue to refine the search with “Project management and planning” and again further with “task management”.

Convene is a meeting solution with native apps for iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. Proven to increase productivity, Convene can be used for meetings at all levels of the organisation. It can also be configured to work as a Board Portal for Board meetings, project management and team meetings.
Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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