Every organisation in the world needs to make decisions about cost and functionality. Sometimes, the decision is easier than others. A Board Portal can totally transform your business practices which may make it difficult to know what to expect.

A Board Portal is a state-of-the-art piece of software designed to improve your meetings. Convene, in particular, is a premium solution. This should be seen as an investment in the future of your company rather than a one-off purchase.

In the long-term, a Board Portal can save money on administrative costs. It’s not just about increasing the amount of work that gets done, but also improving the quality of that work. The hunt for a perfect solution is about balancing these material gains with a cost-efficient investment.

Through talking to our customers, we’ve gained valuable insight into why they switched to Convene. This can be used as a handy guide to the financial side of Board Portal investment.

How Can A Board Portal Save You Money?

A Board Portal is designed to save admin time and so protect your budget. Your staff will no longer need to spend hours working on menial tasks and can instead focus on the important things. Get the most of the money you put towards their salaries.

These savings begin before the meeting has even taken place. A centralised Document Library will make your pre-meeting processes much simpler. Putting Board Packs together manually can be a complex task and difficult to organise.

Many of our customers have spoken of the time they used to waste waiting for one last document to come in. With a Board Portal, you can easily edit the Board Pack at any point. This makes last-minute changes easier than ever before.

As Julia Wiles at HouseMark says, ‘Prior to Convene, the process was lengthy. Convene is used for our Board meetings and a range of other management meetings. It’s now so much easier to coordinate everything!’

Anyone who has worked in business will understand the importance of coordination. This is not just true for the admin process but also during and after the meeting. Collaboration can only work if everyone is on the same page.

There’s no point in everyone in the team working hard if they are not working towards the same end. A Board Portal can improve communication which will ultimately save you money.

What Are The Essential Features Of A Board Portal?

To know how much you should be spending on a Board Portal, you need to understand what the software should offer. Some things are not worth compromising on!

Convene has purpose-built features to support the planning, hosting and action stages of your meetings.


  • Review Meeting Pack Anytime, Anywhere
  • Make Annotations on Your Device of Choice
  • Schedule Meetings and Invite Participants
  • Build the Agenda via Drag-and-Drop



  • Communicate and Discuss in Real Time
  • Collaborate via Presentation Controls and Other Meeting Tools
  • Cast Your Votes
  • Take Live Minutes and Notes
  • Manage Participants During Video Conferencing



  • Complete Assigned Action Items
  • Sign and Approve Documents Digitally
  • Track and Check Progress of Action Items
  • Generate and Distribute Meeting Minutes


Beyond meetings

  • Permission-Based Document Repository System
  • Out-Meeting Voting via Resolutions
  • In-App Company Announcements
  • Board Evaluations and Forms
  • User Directory for Managing Directors’ Profiles

This core functionality makes all the difference. As the Company Secretary of Hilton Food Group observed, ‘Convene and Diligent were so similar in terms of basic core functionality, that the difference in cost just didn't justify staying with Diligent.’

Convene Is The Perfect Solution To The Cost-Functionality Equation

Convene is the perfect midpoint of functionality and cost. The comprehensive software was conceived to streamline communication and improve your business meetings. From the agenda to the audit, you can make sure your team is all on the same page.

Despite the low price, you can still find numerous helpful features to support your meetings. With meeting tools such as shared annotations, instant voting and Action Items, you can ensure everyone is at the same place.

At Convene, we give users full ownership of their system. As a result, administrators have total control over managing permissions, without the need to undergo any change request process. Controlling your users is crucial in any meeting and worth researching the highest quality product.

The feedback we’ve heard from our customers on our features has been incredibly positive. In fact, Convene was recently voted the Best Board Portal at the 2021 Digital Quadrant Awards.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of Convene, read our customer success stories or book a free trial today!

Lucy Palmer

Written by Lucy Palmer

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