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Streamline your meetings process with Convene

When creativity is at the heart of your business, you want to ensure dynamic engagement and communication. Our smart, secure board portal will simplify collaboration, from start to finish.

Convene’s seamless board management solution is designed to support productive board meetings. The all-in-one software is conceived with user-experience in mind. Thanks to the intuitive interface and efficient workflow, you can get the most out of every project you deliver. With full GDPR compliance, Convene is already trusted by numerous arts and heritage associations around the world.

We look forward to translating our knowledge and experience into more successful board meetings for your organisation. Learn how Convene can help you to streamline your meetings, increase productivity and enhance communication.

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WORD FROM OUR Arts, Culture and Entertainment Customers

Convene supports a number of prestigious organisations to improve administrative efficiency, save paper, and enhance your organisation's Governance practices.

  • English Heritage, Kate Movar, COO

    English Heritage

    "Intuitive functionality and user-friendliness. It has actually increased our creative thinking space" 

    We spoke to Kathryn Lanning, English Heritage’s Governance Officer, to find out how Convene understood their requirements and provided the solutions to meet them.

    "Our initial fears of not being able to understand, and more importantly use Convene proved completely groundless owing to its intuitive functionality and user-friendliness. It has actually increased our creative thinking space".

    Image: Kate Movar, CEO

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  • Shakespeare's Globe - Margaret Casely-Hayford, CBE

    Shakespeare's Globe

    Sarah Mannion from Shakespeare's Globe, says that:

    "Convene has improved communication between our Trustees, which has led to more of a focus on Trustee engagement levels, promoting better engagement with the projects and initiatives"

    This is because their papers are published in Convene two weeks before the meeting. This allows  Trustees to log in and read their papers in advance. This in turn means they can raise any issue they see with the agenda / any pertinent documents.

    These queries can then be immediately rectified in Convene, as papers can be pulled, updated and republished within minutes. This allows for more time during the meeting to focus on more important questions and issues that require deliberation between Trustees. As other more immediate queries have already been actioned prior to the meeting taking place. 

    Image: Margaret Casely-Hayford, CBE

  • Remote working, business continuity

    Remote Working

    Simulating your Management, Board & Executive team meetings when you're all in different locations can be tricky. Convene can help.

    Visit our dedicated remote working + business continutity page to watch a five minute walkthrough of conducting remote meetings with Convene.

    Also read some choice quotes of how Convene improved the productivity and efficieny of different organisation's virtual meetings.

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