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Sign documents from anywhere, at any time with just a tap of a button using Convene’s eSignature tool.

Quicker Signing Workflows

With Convene’s smart Signature Placeholders, Directors can expedite their signing workflows by having clearly indicated areas to sign. Furthermore, upon signing via Convene’s e-Signature function for the first time, directors can opt to save their signature and store it for later use.






Secure Signing

For tracking and transparency, Convene will display the timestamp of the signature. To add another layer of security, organisations have the ability to require the user to authenticate their signatures.


Digital Signature Integrations

Organisations are able to have an end-to-end signing workflow in Convene through integrations with third party digital signature providers, such as: DocuSign, SingPass, e-Guven, Jun Zi Qian (JZQ).




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