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Streamline your meetings process with Convene

At Convene, we understand how important it is that your meetings are efficient and dynamic. Convene’s seamless board management solution is designed to ensure streamlined administrative processes from start to finish. Fulfil the needs and expectations of your members, by taking control of your internal processes.

At Convene, your security is our priority. With CMMI Level 5 accreditation, you can rest assured that your meetings and sensitive information are secure. Convene is already trusted by numerous boards, unions and associations around the world.

We look forward to translating our knowledge and experience into more successful board meetings for your organisation. Learn how Convene can help you to streamline your meetings, increase productivity and enhance communication.

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WORD FROM OUR membership organisation Customers

Read about how Convene supports a number of organisations to improve administrative efficiency, save paper, and enhance their organisation's governance practices.

  • Chan Kataria, OBE, CEO - Housmark

    HouseMark Housing Group

    We spoke to Julia Wiles, Assistant to the Chief Executive & Governance and Performace Manager at HouseMark about how Convene has saved them time while supporting good governance.

    "I went through due diligence and we looked at BoardPack, BoardEffect, and Simplify. One of our shareholders had used Simplify, however, it fell short of our expectations.

    Cost was a key factor in the selection process. Our Financial Director is very stringent, and as with all other organisations in the sector, everything comes down to cost. We were looking for ease of access, and when it came to moving over to a new system, a high standard of support was vital so we went with Convene".

    Image: Chan Kataria, OBE - Group Chief Executive

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  • Dr Mary Bousted, The National Education Union

    National Education Union





    Making the transition to digital.

    Kathy Monah, Head of Information Systems, at The National Education Union, talked to us about the challenges of putting together paper meeting packs before Convene and how she made sure the transition to digital was as smooth as possible.

    Picture: General Secretary, Dr. Mary Bousted 

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  • Peter Lauener, Chair - The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

    Construction Industry Training Board




    Making the switch

    Alison Walker-Fraser, Corporate Governance Manager at The Construction Industry Training Board, talks about their straightforward experience of switching to Convene.

    Image: Peter Lauener, Chair

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  • Brendan Whelan - Special Olympics Ireland







    Niall Callaghan, IT Manager - Special Olympics Ireland, tells us how Convene has positively impacted the way the board works in the last 18 months.

    Image: Brendan Whelan, Chair

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  • 1161412655-HR-BW-556px

    Remote Working

    Simulating your Management, Board & Executive team meetings when you're all in different locations can be tricky. Convene can help.

    Visit our dedicated remote working + business continutity page to watch a five minute walkthrough of conducting remote meetings with Convene.

    Also read some choice quotes of how Convene improved the productivity and efficieny of different organisation's virtual meetings.

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