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Voting and Resolutions

Cast votes instantly during meetings and decide on other important matters outside of meetings through Resolutions.



Add Voting Items to the Agenda 

Add scheduled votes to the agenda with just a few simple clicks. Directors can then opt to either vote upon circulation of the meeting pack or in real time during the Live Meeting process.






Live Voting

Boards need to vote on important matters during meetings. Convene supports both a show-of-hands for open voting and secret ballots for anonymous voting procedures. Voters are even able to include vote notes, allowing directors to clarify their stances if necessary. Voting progress is instantly displayed, showing who from the participants have already cast their votes.




Not every issue can be resolved during a meeting. For matters that carry out beyond the meetings, Convene’s Resolutions allows Directors to cast their votes over a period of time. There are also automatic reminders so your Administrators can rest easy knowing every vote will be counted.




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