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The smart, cost-effective way for your Boards, Executive & Management Teams to meet

At Convene, we recognise how important it is for legal organisations to implement trusted solutions. Convene’s board management software allows you to organise efficient board meetings with confidence. Our comprehensive solution will enhance your meetings and administrative processes, allowing you to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Convene is designed to protect top-level documents and maintain full GDPR compliance. The software is already trusted by numerous law firms around the world.

We look forward to translating our knowledge and experience into more successful board meetings for your organisation. Learn how Convene can help you ensure regulatory compliance, simplify your internal processes, and give your institution an advantage in handling cases.

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Mills and Reeve Linklaters


WORD FROM OUR Legal firm Customers

Read how Convene supports the Legal sector to improve administrative efficiency, save paper, and enhance its governance practices.

  • Linklaters - Matt Peers, CIO

    Linklaters LLP


    We spoke to Sarah Carrodus, Partnership Board Support, and Personal Assistant to the Global HR Director at Linklaters LLP about how Convene has streamlined their meeting process and reduced paper usage.

    'Because documents are easily accessible with Convene, there is a smoother meeting flow and discussions can continue unhindered.'

    Picture: Matt Peers, CIO


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  • Clarke and Ripman - Mills and Reeve

    Mills and Reeve

    We spoke to Lisa Wrigglesworth, PA and Partnership Committee Secretary at Mills and Reeve, to find out how Convene has simplified their meeting process while providing essential access to allow for secure remote working.

    "Remote working is currently the default. It would have been impossible for us to do our jobs effectively without Convene. Convene has helped us manage the difficulties of the current situation. For many people, remote working is more cost-effective, so I imagine there will be an increase in people wishing to work from home in general.

    Convene is definitely a system that meets the needs of the legal sector. It’s flexible and can be deployed in different ways depending upon needs."

    Image: Claire Clarke and Justin Ripman, managing partner and senior partner 

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  • Natalie Blanc - Linklaters LLP

    Linklaters Comment

    As explained in a product review, Sophia Swain, Enterprise Architect with Linklaters, described Convene as 'very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side.' She also highlighted how the app is consistent between the iOS and Windows versions, which was an essential requirement for their board members. They also liked the price that Convene offered!

    “I’ve also found Convene to be a pleasure to work with, really going the extra mile to get help us get up and running before a critical board meeting”, added Swain".

    Image: Natalie Blanc

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  • Remote Working, Business Continuity

    Remote Working

    Simulating your Management, Board & Executive team meetings when you're all in different locations can be tricky. Convene can help.

    Visit our dedicated remote working + business continutity page to watch a five minute walkthrough of conducting remote meetings with Convene.

    Also read some choice quotes of how Convene improved the productivity and efficieny of different organisation's virtual meetings.

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