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Review Room

Review, approve or sign documents with Convene’s dedicated Review Rooms.

Review, Approve and Sign

Directors can easily review, approve and sign documents circulated by administrators in Review Rooms before they are published. This allows for a streamlined and secure approval process for proposals, project plans, acquisition of assets, and other key decisions.








Agenda Approval

Organisers can use the Review Room to review and approve agenda items and documents before they are finalised for a meeting. Once the agenda has been reviewed and finalised, with a single click, organisers can easily forward the approved agenda documents directly into a meeting pack, ready for publishing.


Minutes Approval

Once meeting minutes are completed, it is possible to send the document to the Review Room for approval by the meeting attendees before being finally published.



document signing



Document Sign-Off

Organisations are able to have an organised sign-off workflow in Review Rooms. If the administrator has set up the Review Room for sign-off purposes, board directors are automatically prompted to affix their signature at the appropriate time (in parallel) or in sequential order (one by one).



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