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Trusted by over 300 academic institutions around the world, saving them around 100,000 pages of paper per month, Convene is the smart way for your teams to meet.

We know how important your top-level meetings are for establishing a direction for your institution.

Whether you're a school, multi-academy trust, college, or university, the way you meet - increasingly in the digital sphere - is central to this. Whether you are concerned about moving towards paperless meetings, ensuring GDPR compliance or improving overall Governance standards, Convene can help you get the most out of your meetings process.


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WORD FROM OUR Education Customers

Read about how Convene supports a range of different educational institutions improve administrative efficiency, save paper, and enhance your organisation's Governance practices.

  • St Dunstans College, Headmaster Mr Hewlett

    St Dunstans - School

    St. Dunstan’s talked to us about how the school’s Governors have benefited, and how Convene has fitted into their secure digital environment, comments Catherine Long, Bursary Secretary

    "I would recommend Convene, not only for its ease of use but also because it is contemporary. You need to move with the times and with today’s technology, which is there to give you back time and save money. I think it’s a necessity."

    Image: Nicholas Hewlett, St Dunstans Headmaster

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  • Loughborough College - CEO John Doherty

    Loughborough College

    Loughborough College; the ease of making the switch to Convene from BoardPad

    Initially, a BoardPad customer, Loughborough College made the switch to Convene. We spoke to Ian Jones, Clerk to the Corporation, to find out how Convene addressed their needs and delivered the solutions they needed.

    "The transition to Convene was a straight forward and seamless process... Convene has been received with an almost universal satisfaction from our board members. We have found the whole Convene experience incredibly positive, and none of us have found any issues or areas that would require improvement."

    Image: Chief Executive, John Doherty

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  • Stuart Croft, Chair - Warwick University

    Warwick University

    Warwick Universities  Sophie Black, Assistant Registrar & Secretary to the Council's Office, shares the intuitive functionality and scalability of Convene.

    "Since Convene was initially rolled out within our Institutional Governance division, we have been involved in what can best be described as an extended implementation... We can definitely see the potential to make Convene available to the whole university and are looking forward to extending it out and to encourage increased collaboration. This will include the ability to log in remotely and to harness more flexibility around remote working in general."

    Image: Stuart Croft, Chair

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  • Dr Andrew Young, COO - London School of Economics (LSE)

    London School of Economics (LSE) Comment

    "Many of us at LSE are now moving towards being more agile in the way that we work."

    In that respect, Convene is not only improving the way we deal with the paperwork, but it’s actually improving the way we work. I am now more readily able to work from home or from the railway station than I was before.

    My colleagues were using different combinations of tools to work paperless. Initially, I had tried and failed. But now, using Convene I have the vast majority of my work on my device, whether it's council meetings or not. From a one-to-one catch up with a director to a department conference, I am working from the Convene platform entirely." 

    Image: Dr. Andrew Young, COO - London's School of Economics (LSE)


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  • Remote working, business continuity

    Remote Working

    Simulating your Management, Board & Executive team meetings when you're all in different locations can be tricky. Convene can help.

    Visit our dedicated remote working + business continutity page to watch a five minute walkthrough of conducting remote meetings with Convene.

    Also read some choice quotes of how Convene improved the productivity and efficieny of different organisation's virtual meetings.

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