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Efficient remote meetings

As remote working becomes the new norm, your Board, executive, and management teams need to be able to discuss, present and make decisions both from home and the office.

With integrated Video Conferencing, the Convene Board Portal is the perfect solution for your team to read, discuss, and review documents on one app.



Join a meeting in two clicks

Setting up and starting a video meeting on Convene is seamless. Start the meeting and click ‘join video call’ – no long URLs, no passwords, and no waiting rooms.

No Third-party apps needed

With integrated Video Conferencing, you no longer need two or three applications or devices to hold a remote meeting – discuss documents, take notes, make decisions whilst seeing familiar faces, in one place.

Using one application for your Board and Committee meetings also ensures higher levels of Security

Enabling better governance!

Coupled with its presentation, decision-making, and administration tools, Convene enables the best possible governance practices - whether you are meeting remotely or in-person.
  • Annotation and presenter mode

    Presentation Features

    Assign a ‘Presenter’ who can lock participants' screen, so everyone is reading from the same page. Supporting greater focus and stimulating discussion on the issues facing your organisation.

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  • 4_3-vote

    Decision-Making Features

    Carry out live votes on key decisions, assign actions to certain participants, and review and sign off on documents after discussion. Convene allows you to efficiently carry out each step of the decision-making process.

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  • Document Library

    Admin Features

    Set the agenda and upload documents before the meeting, store documents in the document library, and clone the agenda for recurring meetings. Simple admin features saves you time and streamline the meeting process

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