Video Conferencing with Convene

With our latest update, your team can now present, discuss, annotate, and vote on documents all in one place - while on a video call. This brings the remote meeting process even closer to the traditional boardroom experience! 





Streamline your meetings

As remote working becomes the new norm, your Board, executive, and management teams need to be able to discuss, present, and make decisions both from home and the office.

Now with integrated Video Conferencing, Convene is the perfect all-in-one solution for your team to read and review documents as well as discuss and vote on them.

Coupled with our existing features, the Video Conferencing function gives your team all the tools you need for effective remote meetings.

Start a meeting and join a video call in just two clicks!

Essential live-meeting tools - now with video

Assign a ‘Presenter’ who can lock participants' screen, so everyone is reading from the same page. Supporting greater focus and stimulating discussion on the issues facing your organisation.

Participants can highlight and annotate documents while engaging in live discussions, as well as the ability to leave notes and assign actions. These can be kept private or shared with the whole meeting.

Carry out live votes on key decisions and documents after discussion.

All of your information, including the video stream, is protected by our high security standards.





No Third-party apps needed

With integrated Video Conferencing functionality, you will no longer need to use third-party software like Zoom, MS Teams, or WebEx to conduct your meetings. This means no more need to find and share long meeting links or worry about dial-in codes.

We have put together a blog detailing how Convene compares to these other conferencing tools to highlight its superiority as a dedicated meeting platform.

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