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At Convene, we know how important the executive team is to your housing association. Our smart, simple and secure board portal can simplify their lives and save administrative time. With the intuitive interface and smooth functionality, you can take control of your short-term goals and long-term strategy.

Convene is designed to protect top-level documents and maintain full GDPR compliance. We offer a premium product for an affordable price. The software is already trusted by over 100 housing associations in the UK.

We look forward to translating our knowledge and experience into more successful board meetings for your organisation. Learn how Convene can help you save administrative time, simplify internal processes, and give your institution a competitive advantage.

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"Software that is easily understood!"

Aileen Evans, from Grand Union Housing, discusses Convene's intuitive functionality and the necessity of the Board Portal.

Listen to the full discussion on 'Creating effective hybrid work environments' from Public Technology Live 2021 here!




WORD FROM OUR Housing Association Customers

Convene is the trusted partner of over 100 of the biggest Housing Associations, working to improve administrative efficiency, save paper, and enhance their governance practices.

  • Grand Union Housing Association - Aileen Eveens

    Grand Union Housing Association

    Aileen Evans, Grand Union Housing's Chief Executive and the new Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Housing:

    "Since using Convene we can identify demonstrable savings and increased efficiencies, there have been comments from employees who have said that their lives are easier with the system in place"


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  • Coastline Housing Association - Robert Nettleton, CEO

    Coastline Housing Association

    David Wingham, Director of Corporate Services at Coastline Housing Association, explains why they chose Convene, after a competing software had let them down.

    "We found Convene really quick and intuitive to use. It was the functionality that swayed us. It did exactly what we wanted."

    Image: Robert Nettleton, CEO

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  • Brian Cronin, CEO - Your Housing Association

    Your Housing Association

    Paul Phillis Kirk, ICT Business Partner – Relationship Manager, talks about how he implemented a digital meeting solution in Convene for YHG’s board of directors.

    "Convene has also significantly reduced the time and resources required to create meeting reports and board packs.
    In Convene, all you have to do is import all the relevant documents and updates, and the app collates them for you."

    Image: Brian Cronin, Group CEO

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  • Clarion Housing Association - Vicky Boner

    Clarion Housing Association

    We spoke to Scott Hyde, Senior governance Manager at Clarion Housing Association, to find out how Convene has helped them have more efficient meetings.

    Convene’s Audit Trail feature gives us the ability to see who has downloaded and viewed each document which is especially useful. The Document Library is also particularly useful and it’s easy to edit. It’s really helpful when you have to submit papers at the last minute which everyone has to do at times! The fact that you can add or remove a paper without having to republish the whole pack is also beneficial. We were impressed by how fast the file upload was!

    Image: Vicky Boner, Director of Housing
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  • Remote working - business-continuity

    Remote Working


    Simulating your Management, Board & Executive team meetings when you're all in different locations can be tricky. Convene can help.

    Visit our dedicated remote working + business continuity page to watch a five-minute walkthrough of conducting remote meetings with Convene.

    Also, read some choice quotes of how Convene improved the productivity and efficiency of different organisation's virtual meetings.

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