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Streamline your meetings process with Convene

At Convene, we recognise how important it is for financial institutions to implement modern solutions. From building the meeting agenda to producing a detailed audit trail, Convene can enhance each stage of your administrative board processes.

Conceived to ensure the best governance principles, Convene’s comprehensive solution allows you to make faster, more informed decisions. The software is designed to protect top-level documents and maintain full GDPR compliance, with AES256 standard encryption. Convene is already trusted by numerous banks, building societies and insurance companies around the world.

We look forward to translating our knowledge and experience into more efficient, secure board meetings for your organisation. Learn how Convene can help you ensure regulatory compliance, simplify your internal processes, and give your institution a competitive advantage.

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WORD FROM OUR Financial Service Customers

Convene supports numerous prestigious organisations in improving administrative efficiency, saving paper, and enhance your organisation's governance practices.

  • Anne Glover, CEO - Amadeus Capital Partners

    Amadeus Capital Partners

    Amadeus Capital Partners identified a need to streamline their Board meetings, and to find alternative ways of handling vital data. We spoke to Rob Butterworth, Head of IT, to find out more about how Convene has rung in the changes.

    "We found Convene really quick and intuitive to use. It was the functionality that swayed us. It did exactly what we wanted." 

    Image: Anne Glover, CEO

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  • Dimitris Mavroyiannis - Piraeus Bank, COO

    Piraeus Bank

    We spoke to Xristina Giannopoulou at Piraus Bank about how Convene has improved operational effectiveness and streamlined administrative processes.

    "We find the Document library particularly useful; it is great to have the ability to make annotations or add comments on existing documents, and to be able to log action items to be followed up on subsequent meeting agendas. For remote working, Convene is proving to be very beneficial since you can access the platform on a range of offline devices, so it’s possible to work effectively no matter where you are or what time it is."

    Image: Dimitris Mavroyiannis, COO

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  • Sir John Kingman, Chair - Tesco Bank

    Tesco Bank

    Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco UK, talked to us about why Tesco chose Convene and how it has helped them save time and money.

    'Once they switched over to Convene, our board stopped using paper. Now the only cost left is the license per person, per year. The study found that we save so much money on printing and paper alone that Convene has almost paid for itself every year, which is quite impressive."

    Image: Sir John Kingman, Chair

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  • Mike Downing, president - Bison Bank

    Bison Bank


    We spoke to Afonso Cardoso de Menezes, Company Secretary of Bison Bank, in Portugal to discuss the ways Convene has helped the bank move from a more traditional approach towards the digital sphere.

    "Bison Bank underwent large scale transition from its position as a country-specific bank, to one with a strong international focus. With Convene, information is now accessible to board members internationally in an instant... in essence, Convene facilitates and encourages the vital international collaboration which is critical for success."

    Image: Mike Downing, President

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  • Arbuthnot PLC

    Arbuthnot wanted to make their board packs and documents more accessible, so they chose Convene. Wendy Tidd from Arbuthnot shared how Convene has helped support their busy meeting schedule.

    "There has definitely been a reduction in paper use and printing costs. We also like the Notes and Annotations feature where one person is able to annotate a document which can then be viewed by everyone. We like the fact that information is accessible and visible to all attendees."

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  • Gay Huey Evans, Chair - London Metal Exchange

    London Metal Exchange (LME)

    Noticeable Savings and Reduced Paper usage with Convene.

    The ICSA did release a calculator a year or two ago which you can run your figures through. These are then processed, and the system breaks down the time and materials spend. Convene has saved LME something in the region of 40-50K per annum. If we had to print and bind, it would be saving us closer to 100K per annum.

    We have a green initiative at the LME. There is now a green working group in operation here, and actions are being taken to reduce print volumes among others.

    Image: Gay Huey Evans, Chair

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