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Board Portal

Digital document sharing and interaction for the board and management. All on one platform


What is a board portal?

A board portal is a digital board management software that allows board of directors and other leadership teams, to collaborate, store documents, and communicate on one secure platform. Board portal solutions have a number of capabilities which enable your board to run efficiently, these include video conferencing, voting features, meeting minutes features, agenda builder, and many more

An effective board portal will improve security, streamline collaboration, simplify communication, and increase overall meeting efficiency. 




Benefits of using a Board Portal

  • Simple Meeting Management

    Being able to easily schedule a meeting, create the agenda and send out meeting papers simplifies and streamlines the entire pre-meeting process. Clone past meeting templates for regular meetings in the future

    Automatically generated reports and meeting minutes reduces the post-meeting workload

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Videoconferencing, presenting features and the ability to vote and set actions all on one platform means attendees only need one app and one device for the entire meeting, allowing them to focus on the discussion and minimising technical difficulties

  • Secure Documents System

    Safeguard confidential data with high levels of data protection, access control, availability and application security

    Allow administrators to effectively manage access rights and permissions to documents

  • Smart Governance Processes

    Improve discussion and decision-making by using an accessible, centralised meeting platform

    Promote transparency and accountability through monitoring & tracking of actions and secure storage of pertinent documents

  • Ease of Use

    An intuitive interface with all the features needed for effective meetings, easy to find and use. Will convert the most technophobic board members!

Board Portal Capabilities

Offline Access

Offline Access

Any device

Any Device

Access control

Access Control

Real time collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Multi file compatibility

Multi-File Compatibility

Unlimited document storage

Unlimited Document Storage

Meeting calendar

Meeting Calendar

Email notifications

Email Notifications

Third party integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Multi factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Unlimited training

Unlimited Training

Multiple languages

Multiple Languages

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