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Everything you need on one comprehensive Board Portal app.

Board Portal Solution & Dedicated Meetings Platform

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal solution used by an increasingly diverse range of customers. Across both the public and private sectors, customers are using Convene to streamline their meetings.

With Convene, administrators and users can securely access documents to review and collaborate, whenever, wherever.

Security is important to you, so it's important to us. We encourage regular testing as we know security threats constantly evolve. So we evolve too. Working with you helps us all stay secure.

Agenda Builder

Agenda Builder

Building the agenda & meeting pack is as easy as filling in a form. Once it's set up you can reorder your agenda and papers at any time with a simple drag and drop. Convene recognises any native MS Office format file and will convert it automatically.

Once you have created your meeting template once you can re-use it as many times as you need for future meetings. 



Document sign-off feature

1-by-1 Document Sign Off

For organisations with approval hierarchies, the Document Sign-off feature gives Review Room
organisers an option to circulate documents one by one by setting the order of signing from the
first to the last signer.

This can help streamline your approval & document sign off process.


Meeting Scheduler

Select a meeting type, title, date and time before adding agenda items, publishing and notifying attendees.

Schedule future meetings using the same template with one click - with the ability to copy the agenda and outstanding action points from previous meetings.


In-meeting Voting

Add voting items to your agenda to improve decision making. Convene allows board members to vote remotely, meaning that if a member cannot physically attend the meeting they can still participate in the decision making.

Use anonymous voting for sensitive issues, so that everyone feels comfortable.



Document Library

Improve accountability and transparency with our Document Library. Store the whole meeting pack, including the minutes, with just one click. Select the meeting you want, choose export meeting, choose your destination and click send.

Convene has an inbuilt retention schedule if you need to ensure your records are compliant with specific corporate records management standards.


Instant Minutes

Save time with Convene’s minute taking functions. Automatically generate draft minutes in an editable Word format at the end of every meeting. This tracks meeting participants' attendance and includes it in the generated draft document.

Meeting attendees can review and finalise the minutes of the meeting using the 'Review Room' feature, before exporting in a PDF format.

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Review Room

Review Room

Meeting minutes can be added to the Review Room for comment/ approval before being added to the final meeting pack. You can review and comment using the in-app annotation tools. Approve or reject the version from within the app and a message goes to the meeting organiser.

Track and re-assign action points in-app, no need to wait until the next meeting, or send out emails to check progress. 


Video Conferencing

Convene Video Conferencing is the perfect All-In-One Solution for your Team to read and review documents as well as discuss and vote on them.

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annotation tools

Annotation Tools

Convene supports different types of annotations: Pen, Highlighter, Sticky Notes, and Text Box. The Pen tool is used for freehand drawings and writings. The Highlighter tool is used to highlight sections of text, while the Sticky Notes tool is used to input text notes and action items. The Action Items can serve as a flag/reminder for other members while the Text Box allows users to input text directly onto the meeting documents.


Surveys & Annual Evaluations

Making a survey with the Convene administrative portal is simple. The organizer starts by filling out the necessary information for the survey such as the title and due date. Further options include Anonymous Response to hide the identities of responders and Score Calculations which computes totals and averages for numeric questions.

The survey organizer can then export the results at their discretion. They will be prompted if they wish to export the results in summary and/or per individual response.

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