Audio-Conferencing with Convene

With our latest update, your team can now discuss, annotate, vote on and review documents - all in one place



Streamline your meetings

As remote working becomes the new norm,  your organisation needs to stay connected. Getting your Board, executive and management teams 'in the same room' to collaborate, make decisions and present information is crucial for the smooth running of your organisation.

With integrated audio-conferencing functionality, you will no longer need to use third-party softwares, share long meetings links or worry about dial-in codes.

Simply launch your remote meeting in Convene, and be instantly connected to your team.

Enable Audio-Conference

  • The audio-conference feature could not be simpler to use - all it takes is two clicks.
  • Schedule and start a meeting with your team. Enable audio-conferencing and ask your team to do the same.
  • The feature will display who is talking and give you the option to mute your mic.





Complete meeting solution

  • Coupled with our existing features, the audio conferencing function gives your team all the tools you need for effective meetings - either in person or remote. 
  • Read through and discuss papers together - whilst the presenter controls attendees' screens.
  • Make notes and set action points on specific topics. These can be private or shared.
  • Review the meeting once finished and add any final points. Save the meeting papers to your digital document library.

Save time, effort and money

  • Enable Convene’s audio-conferencing feature for £75. This gives you 360 hours of talk time which can be topped up at any time.
  • With an integrated voice solution, there is no need for costly third party providers like Zoom, MS Teams, Go To Meeting etc.
  • All of your information, including the audio stream, is protected to Convene's high security standards.
  • No screen sharing means complete focus on meeting documents and no risks of showing sensitive emails or personal interests by accident.



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