On the 12th March, Convene hosted the first webinar in our Convene ESG series, explaining updates on ESG matters in the EU.

This webinar discussed an update on the CSRD, with Santiago Durán Domínguez from EFRAG. The CSRD, or Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, is the new EU legislation requiring companies to release regular reports on their ESG efforts.

First, the webinar started with a demo on reporting for the CSRD with Convene ESG, Convene’s own ESG reporting software. Convene ESG is an end-to-end platform to collect data, track progress, compare with peers, align with frameworks and produce ESG reports. With Convene ESG, you can collect your data for all the necessary metrics in the upcoming CSRD legislation, ensuring that you are compliant with regulations.

Then, Santiago Durán Domínguez was introduced to talk about the update to the CSRD. He discussed the sustainability information organisations should know about, and the current areas of regulatory developments; taxonomy, tools for companies and disclosure regimes. 

He discussed the relevant aspects of the CSRD, and stressed the importance of the CSRD as a way for companies to all report according to European standards. 

Santiago Durán Domínguez also went through the three categories of standards for the CSRD, and discussed the relevant issues of double materiality, due diligence, interoperability with other international frameworks and value chain. 

He then spoke about the role of EFRAG in all of this, and the current issues of verification with the CSRD, which will instead have limited assurance until 2028. There was then a brief Q&A at the end of the session.

To download the slides from Santiago's talk, click here. Or scroll below to watch Santiago's talk.

If you enjoyed this webinar or want to catch the next one, our upcoming topic will be ‘Demystifying ESG in the EU’ on April 9th.

Thank you to all for those who attended, and to Santiago Durán Domínguez for his insights into the CSRD. 


Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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