Dr. Susan Tranter, Head of school - Edmonton County School

Convene Customer Success

Edmonton County School

Amrit Rajut, IT Manager at Edmonton School, talked to us about the challenges of putting together paper meeting packs before using Convene board-portal, and how he made sure the transition to digital was as smooth as possible.

Image: Dr. Susan Tranter, Head of school

Today's senior education professionals from school Governors to Headteachers and many more, are constantly seeking ways to streamline top level business processes, allowing greater focus towards educating the young people of today, transforming them into the professionals of tomorrow. With a solid reputation as the solution of choice for educational institutions, Convene, is rapidly gaining momentum within the schools’ sector.
Leaving Paperless in the Past, Moving to a Digital Future

Our Headteacher first became aware of Convene at an education conference and having been already keen to move towards digital, was interested in finding out more. We ran an extended trial of the Convene solution which went very well and resulted in a full implementation. (Any initial reluctance from our paper-wedded users was soon remedied by providing a user manual.)

Efficient, productive and seamless meetings. The Convene features that make the difference.

On average, Governor meetings take place every 2 months. Before Convene, all meetings were paper-based, however, Convene is now used for all meetings. We are keen to make full use of the Convene meeting minutes tool which will allow meeting notes to be taken and exported into the minutes template.

Convene's agenda tool makes it possible to build agendas with ease thanks to the option to drag and drop option files in any format. It's also very helpful to be able to upload a new version of a document simply by right-clicking. Convene is also used in conjunction with GoToMeeting for audio in school governor meetings, so it's very much a solution that is easy to integrate with existing ways of working.

Flexibility and remote working, no matter where you are.

Meetings are typically held on the school premises, although a number are held remotely. With Convene, remote meetings are made easy since it can be used on a variety of offline devices for example laptops, tablets, iPhones, and others.

Meetings are often beamed onto a projector, and anyone who is unable to attend a meeting can join via the Convene app, sometimes in conjunction with GOTO Meeting. We also have a pool of iPads available in case an attendee does not have their own, so it all works well.

Ease of access. Secure login.

Convene has certainly been well received by our Headteacher and Governors, and I think that it would also be a very useful solution for our teachers. Our school Governors have commented on the ease of access, which is always beneficial from an IT Manager's perspective! My view is that it is one of its best features. Secure log in is also a key benefit. It goes without saying that security is paramount.

Lowering costs

I have noticed that even though specific metrics have not been produced, it's immediately obvious that Convene has saved us material costs, and significantly reduced paper waste.

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