Before a Meeting

make notes on the convene board meeting application

I want to be able to review papers and make annotations.
When using the Convene app, you can securely access meeting materials whether offline or online. You can choose from different styles of annotations: Pen, Highlighter, Sticky Notes, or blocks of text. You can even start to assign action points or refer sections of documents for your team to review.

If you are working offline, your annotations will be synced automatically with the Convene cloud server and any updates will be reflected across your devices when you're next online. This means that you can prepare for your meetings any time, any place, any device.  

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I want to follow presentations, make decisions and assign actions.

With Convene's presenter mode, you don't even need to be in the room to follow a meeting. What's more, if you want to highlight a cell in a spreadsheet or a paragraph of text you can use Convene's virtual laser pointer and everyone will be able to follow the point you are making.

You can assign actions to people both in and outside the meeting and these will automatically be added to the meeting record. You can record decisions by voting or a place a digital signature straight onto the document, all in real time. 

All as easy to use as an app should be, no training needed.

During a Meeting

present in meeting with the convene app for board and senior managers

After a Meeting

Write, Review and approve meeting minutes with Convene's board app

I want to be able to review and approve minutes, as well as track actions.

Minutes of the meeting can be added to a Convene Review Room for comment and approval before being added to the final meeting pack. You can review and comment on them using the Convene app with the same annotation tools you use for a meeting. You can approve or reject the version from within the app and a message goes back to the meeting organiser.

You can also track and re-assign action points from within the app so you don't have to wait until the next meeting, or send out emails to see how things are progressing. This makes your job easier and your organisation more productive.

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"Using Convene has enabled us to drive innovation, not only in terms of the print savings, but also in the style and culture of our board meetings."

Sarah Ashmead, One Council Board Member and Director of Strategy & Policy

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Features of azeus convene's paperless board meeting app and portal
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You can search for keywords within meeting documents then using the features buttons for quick navigation around matching results. Page information – including file name and page number – are also displayed upon the first match of keywords and when moving between pages that include searched for keywords.

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You can discuss the meeting papers with others in attendance, either one-to-one or as part of a group. With the Convene Conversations module you can leave voice recordings of your comments for others to listen and respond to. Saves you the time of typing everything out!

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Keep the attention of the room. You can switch between presenters in Convene or even lock participants' screens to what you are presenting. Either way, Convene has ample features to ensure maximum concentration and productivity within your meetings!

Three steps to starting your Convene trial:

Enter your details, install Convene on your tablet or smart phone via the app store, and let us activate your trial license. Simple.

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