Meeting admin can make agendas easily in Convene the digital board meeting solution

I want to be able to easily construct an agenda.

Building the agenda and meeting pack in Convene is as easy as filling in a form online.

Once it's set up you can reorder your agenda and papers at any time with a simple drag and drop. Convene recognises any native MS Office format file and can convert it for you so no need to do any file conversions before uploading the files.

Once you have created your meeting template once you can re-use it as many times as you need for future meetings. Any actions that get created as part of one meeting automatically get carried forward to the next.

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I don’t want to have to add everyone to the meeting one at a time.

You can set up your committees or groups of attendees in Convene and then re-use them for any other meeting you like. It's simple to add people or remove them from a group.

You can build your meetings using a combination of groups, individuals or guests. Adding people or groups to a meeting is done with just one click.

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Convene is easy to use for meeting admin
Convene's digital meeting app is secure and has document access control

There are some people who are not allowed to see all of the meeting papers.

You can easily decide who has access to which papers as part of a Convene meeting. You can ‘switch off’ access to whole sections of the agenda or just individual papers with our fine-grained access control.

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I want to be able to take and distribute minutes easily.

You can save a lot of time with Convene’s minute taking functions. You can use Convene’s live note taking function to capture action points and shared comments made by other participants while adding your own notes of the meeting.

Use Convene’s minutes template feature to store this information in a format that meets your corporate style, then distribute the minutes for comment and feedback using the Review Room. Simple.

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Meeting minutes are easier on Convene's digital board meeting platform and app
Convene's digital document library is used by board members and secretaries

I want to be able to store a record of the whole meeting easily.

You can store the whole meeting pack, including the minutes, with just  one click! Select the meeting you want and choose export meeting, choose your destination and click send.

Convene even has an inbuilt retention schedule if you need to ensure that your records are compliant with your corporate records management standards.

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Our clients have saved valuable time

“The administrative time it has saved incredible. It used to take around five hours to prepare packs for a board meeting. Now it takes about 30 minutes. The user experience is very important and the drag and drop is great – it just pulls it all in for you and converts it on the fly as well. That’s really handy.”

Anne Greaves, NHS Sheffield Childrens Hospital

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What our customers say

Companies tha use Azeus Convene: the digital board meeting solution

After Adoption

"Even if we need to send out new or revised documents after the meeting has been published it automatically sends the new information to all attendees. That makes our life so much easier, because it’s instant, before Convene you had to do it all again."

Nigel Foxon-Hale, Senior Administrator at After Adoption

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Tesco PLC.

"It works on every platform so every user can access it. That in itself has made our admins’ lives easier. They don't have to print ridiculous amounts of paper and packs for the users and then set up the meeting and presentations within an application as well."

Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco UK

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