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Arbuthnot PLC

We spoke with Wendy Tidd, Assistant in Chairman’s Office & PA to Group Finance Director about how Convene supported their busy meeting schedule.



Founded in 1833, Arbuthnot Latham has been offering its expert private and commercial banking, comprehensive wealth planning, and discretionary investment management services to the world. They have been a Convene customer since 2017.
Convene supports us with our busy meeting schedule

At Arbuthnot, we have two boards, Arbuthnot Group, the Parent Company, which has seven Board members including the Company Secretary. Then we have Arbuthnot Latham which has twelve Board members including the Company Secretary. Our two Boards meet on a quarterly basis, and we have a busy calendar of board meetings with our subsidiary companies which can range from 10 to 25 people attending a meeting, and Convene is used for all these meetings.

We also have various board/subsidiary committee meetings on a regular basis. There were 33 Convene licenses running when I joined Arbuthnot, and this has grown to our current total of 53.

Convene's use has also grown by reputation here too, with attendees at one meeting seeing the values of Convene in action, and then being quick to recommend its use for other meetings.

Why use board software?

To cut down on paper use and printing costs and to be able to make documents and board packs accessible. Before Convene, board packs were arriving by post. This still happens occasionally, and a couple of our Board members prefer paper to digital, but with Convene there is still the option to print for anyone with a preference for hard copies.

Save time and money with Convene

There has definitely been a reduction in paper use and printing costs. We also like the Notes and Annotations feature where one person is able to annotate a document which can then be viewed by everyone. We like the fact that information is accessible and visible to all attendees. The more technology biased employees here like that they can access Convene remotely on offline devices such as iPads and others.

The ability to join meetings and work remotely is very beneficial. Another aspect is the cost. We find Convene to be very good from a cost perspective.

Intuitive to use & range of useful features
It’s very easy to upload documents and to export them as part of a meeting pack. It’s helpful to know that there is also the ability to collate documents with Convene. We find the Document Library and Review Room very useful for the flow of information within the organisation.
In summary, the fact that a lot of people like to use Convene for committee meetings means that it is a good product!
Helpful & Efficient support desk
We did contact Support when we were unsure of the differences between an assistant and an administrator on the system, and who could fulfil the respective functions. We received the required information from Convene which addressed our query.
In addition, Convene is always very quick and efficient when it comes to adding new licenses.
Overall view?
Convene is definitely useful for meetings where there are a large number of attendees.

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