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Bristol Airport

Rachel, Executive Personal Assistant at Bristol Airport, shares how Convene is helping the organisation move towards smarter working.

Image: Graeme Gamble, COO

Bristol Airport is North Somerset’s largest single site employer. The airport handles over 7 million passengers per annum with approvals in place to handle 10 million passengers per year. Bristol Airport has been using Convene since July 2015.

There was an initiative across Bristol Airport to try and work smarter as an organisation through IT solutions. We had eight board meetings per year and we were printing or emailing the documents.

We initially switched to a Cloud-based system. This removed the need to email the documents, but it didn’t provide all the functionality we needed. So I researched the marketplace extensively for software that would help us to work smarter.

Right Balance for Cost and Features

We looked at a number of products but Convene struck the price point balance for cost and features, so we purchased 15 licenses under a hosted agreement. The implementation process and learning curve have been fairly easy. A couple of short sessions with internal users was enough to gain confidence in using the system.

"Convene has been so easy to use. We are looking at expanding its use for other projects and departments too.” Allyson Jorgensen, Financial Accountant
Files Are Up To Date

We value the fact that, with Convene, you can mark-up papers electronically with comments and the document library is useful for storing additional information in a central location accessible by everyone.

The way that the agenda works makes it very easy to check that you have included all the papers you need. I know that, as long as they work from Convene, everyone will have the latest version of all the documents. That wasn’t always the way with email or a Cloud-based system.

Saves Time and Money

The use of Convene has saved a couple of hours per meeting, plus there have been savings as we’re printing less. Due to its hosted nature and good user interface, the IT admin has been very limited and made no extra demands on the department, which is great.

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