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Community Trade Union

Anthony Ansar, IT Manager, told us why Convene was the best choice in the market and how it has benefited the trade union.

Image: Royston Rickhuss, CBE

Community Trade Union needed to cut down on costs and decided that a digital meeting solution was the way to go. Community represents workers in eleven industries across the UK as well as blind and disabled workers. Community Trade Union has been using Convene since May 2016.

We were spending a lot of money printing out information to hold meetings with the multitude of companies we deal with. When we decided to go paperless, two of my colleagues recommended that we take a look at Convene as they had seen a demo a conference. They told me that the platform was very straightforward, so I looked up the company and gave your representative a call.

A Clear Return on Investment

We compared Convene to Board Packs and another digital meeting solution and found that Convene was the most reasonably priced; this gave us a clear projection of our ROI. We also found Convene to be far more user friendly and easy to learn. And this is evident even with people who were not too keen to switch from paper to digital meetings at the start. One of our directors was finding it hard to adjust but as it turned out, all he needed was a device with a bigger screen to feel more comfortable.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn

Convene’s admin and user features are well suited to how we hold our meetings. That being said, the learning process was uncomplicated. Our Account Manager, Gemma, was very helpful and in less than an hour trained a few of us over WebEx. She also came onsite, maybe once or twice, to train a few of our staff and even came to one of our meetings just to help out. Since then, everything has been running smoothly. Just as in life, as soon as you get something new, some people are wary but just need to get used to it. And once they have, they can’t remember working without it.

'We’ve been using Convene for over a year now, and I can tell you that we are definitely saving money, but moreover we have found a solution that makes complicated and tedious tasks simple and easy to accomplish.'
Enterprise-Grade Security Features

Convene’s security features also won us over. Information security is very important because we deal with members and their personal data, so we must be vigilant. Everybody has got their own passwords, and as a system admin on Convene, I have fine-grained access control so I can block certain users whenever required. We only use iPads which are required to have a security lock on, so everybody has their own user codes.

Initially, Convene was meant for our 22 board members and in particular for their quarterly board meeting. However, since getting Convene demand has doubled. We initially audited 22 user packages, and now we’ve got 53 and it’s going to increase.

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