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Mary Stevens Hospice

Gerry Crow, Executive Board Member and Business Development Officer, talked to us about how Convene has helped simplify the meeting process for both meeting administrators and Trustees at Mary Stevens.

Image: Claire Towns, CEO

Mary Stevens Hospice (est. 1991) provides high-quality care for the people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. They have been a Convene customer since 2016.
Paper Everywhere

When I first came to Mary Stevens Hospice, everything was done on paper. Prior to our board meetings, a lot of paper would go out. The Board of Trustees' meeting pack could be up to 100 pages of paper for 15 to 20 people that had to be sent out before the meeting. Some needed an additional copy at the meeting, so we’d have to print off even more. After our Board meetings, a lot of paperwork would go out again to confirm decisions, which sometimes could get lost in the post. We just had paper everywhere!

One of our biggest difficulties was that we didn’t have an accessible repository of information. When new members of staff or trustees arrived, they could go to the archives to search for hard copies of meeting packs and documents, but these were never easy to access and often impossible to find. After discussions with the chairman of our Board of Trustees, I was tasked with looking for a digital meeting solution.

How does Convene help us as a Hospice?

We no longer have concerns about postage, paper, photocopying, and so on. Before Convene, someone would type up an agenda, type up meeting notes, print it, staple it, write out an envelope, take it to the post room, and then there would be a few days until the Trustees received it. Now admins type it, save it, then drag and drop it. It really is as simple as that! More importantly, we now have a secure and easily accessible historical repository of information, so that any member of staff that has permission, can look back at the history and find out what was decided at the various meetings in the past. 

Even during a meeting, if a question arises about previous discussions and outcomes, the document can be found on Convene, and can simply be dragged and dropped straight into the meeting. We are using Convene now for all of our Trustee meetings, our committee meetings, and our high-level meetings.

"Any member of staff that has permission can look back at the history and find out what was decided at the various meetings in the past.”
Pricing and Trust

Pricing was important to us, but we also wanted to see that the backup was there. So when Convene came to demonstrate, the Board just felt comfortable. The presentation was very good; it was professional and personable. It gave them confidence.

The way things are going we have every intention of continuing to use Convene, in fact, I have just asked for another two licenses. I am happy to be contacted by other prospective customers if they want a first-hand account of how much this has improved our processes.

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