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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

We spoke to Nicola Rees - Company Secretary at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity - about how Convene has helped them to achieve good governance and improve security and confidentiality for their Boards.

“Convene has helped us achieve good governance through secure and effective sharing of information.”

How has Convene benefitted your organisation since implementation?

As a charity and an independent healthcare provider, good governance is key to the success of our organisation.  Convene helps us achieve good governance through secure and effective sharing of information with our two Boards (i.e. the Board of Trustees of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and the Board of Directors of Midlands Air Ambulance Trading Limited). 

As Company Secretary, Convene saves me time – providing myself with a centralised platform to efficiently distribute all Board meeting papers and key governance documents. The shared digital space enables our Trustees and Directors to share feedback and ideas on papers in advance of meetings (via the Annotation function) – which helps greatly with meeting preparation and discussion on the day. Convene’s user-friendly structure provides our Trustees and Directors with a straightforward way to access all the documents they need to carry out their governance duties.

We have been on an incredible journey over the last two years futureproofing our service, and Convene has been one of the key systems that has supported us on this journey.

How has Convene helped with regards to security and confidentiality?

Data security, data protection and confidentiality are highly important for us. We place great importance on looking after personal data (including patients and donors) and corporate information in safe and secure way.  We are regulated by a range of bodies (including the Care Quality Commission, Charity Commission, Companies House, Fundraising Regulator and Information Commissioner’s Office) and we work to a range of best practice codes (including the Charity Governance Code and Code of Fundraising Practice). 

Convene provides us with a safe and secure way to share governance information with our Trustees and Directors who are valued volunteers, who work externally to the organisation’s IT infrastructure. Convene’s permissions function enables us to easily restrict access to different sets of documents as required, ensuring confidentiality.

What would you say are the main priorities for Midlands Air Ambulance?

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s mission is to provide patients with outstanding pre-hospital care and lifesaving intervention through the operation of helicopter-led emergency medical services (HEMS). We operate and fund three air ambulances and a fleet of Critical Care Cars covering six Midlands counties (Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands). 

Robust clinical governance and charity governance is key to us delivering our services in a safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led way. Convene plays a key part in our Senior Leadership Team and Boards effectively sharing information to achieve good governance.

Is ESG currently a priority for Midlands Air Ambulance?

Absolutely. ESG is a key part of our rolling five year strategic plan –  with ESG principles being embedded across clinical and non-clinical operations.  In further developing and delivering our ESG strategy, we are looking forward to finding out more about Convene’s ESG Data Collection & Reporting functionality.


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