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St. Dunstan's College

Catherine Long, Bursary Secretary at St. Dunstan’s talked to us about how the school’s Governors have benefited from using Convene, and how Convene has fitted into their secure digital environment.

Image: Headmaster, Mr Hewlett

St. Dunstan’s College is a co-educational independent school in Catford, London, England. With a history dating back to the 1400s and even links to Henry VI of England, St. Dunstan’s is steeped in history, but open to innovation and is embracing a digital transformation.
More than just a paperless solution

Our governors are external participants and not internal employees. Before Convene, documents would have to be emailed out to the governors. There were parameters set within our servers as to how much could be sent in a single email. Members of the governing body didn’t always have access to a printer able to handle the volume of paper required for a meeting pack. We did have Google Docs and Dropbox, but since their use was optional, not all Board members used them and if they did, they had to set up accounts manage them themselves.

When we first started with Convene, we realised that not only had the volume of paper been reduced, but we could also manage the entire meeting process, on a single platform and have complete control over it. This solution was even easier for our governors to use. We use some functions more than others due to the variations in technical knowledge acquired by our governors.  Some are more at ease owing to their increased IT literacy.

Training tailored to all levels of IT literacy

Because our governors are at different digital capability levels, this presented challenges when it came to implementation. Some understood Convene instantly, and some were keener on paper packs. We do have to send out a paper agenda, even though it doesn’t take long on Convene to create one and compile a meeting pack. The fact that Convene has a print option means that the system caters for all preferences.  Anyone with a strong leaning towards the paper option can simply print documents out themselves.

High Levels of Security

Because we are a school, data security is imperative, and we have every possible security system in place.  We’re even on the London Grid for Learning, which is a secure network. Convene as a solution integrated into our security measures without difficulty.

Documents accessible whenever you need them, wherever you are

With Convene our governors can view meeting packs on their devices and can download packs and other documents wherever they are. They are busy people, so the ease of access to papers is a bonus. Not to mention the speed of it and the quality of the documents that you can add-in.

Time and money.  Convene will save you both.

I would recommend Convene, not only for its ease of use but also because it is contemporary. You need to move with the times and with today’s technology, which is there to give you back time and save money. I think it’s a necessity.

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