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From planning, to delivering, to managing, your executive or Board Meetings...

Convene is the integrated, end-to-end Board Portal meeting solution with additional productivity features to support your organisation to Plan, Meet and Do more efficiently. 



"After the initial online demo, my first thought was that Convene looks a lot simpler than everything else. Our Account Manager then held an onsite demo for a group of staff... they thought it was straightforward and it delivered"

Kathy Monah, Head of Information Systems, National Education Union




  • Add boards or committees with one click.

  • Drag and drop documents to build the agenda.

  • Control who is eligible to view documents.

  • Add votes.

  • Publish with a single click.

  • Create a series of meetings from a meeting template.



Watch how easy it is to schedule a meeting with Convene

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View meeting documents

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  • Follow the presenter remote meeting functionality.

  • Built-in AV conferencing.

  • Annotations, private and shared.

  • Action items can be assigned to people outside Convene.

  • Meeting minutes; actions and shared annotations are automatically added to the minutes.



  • Follow up on actions assigned via the app.

  • Action items are automatically added to the next meeting.

  • Sign documents from the App.

  • Review and approve documents or make suggestions for edits in the App.

  • Make decisions outside of meetings via the App.



Delegate tasks with the action tool

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