Streamlining ESG Reporting for the UK Housing Sector




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Designed with the sector.

We came together with some of our existing board portal customers to develop a centralised ESG data hub that provides business wide ownership over ESG reporting and eliminates wrestling with painful spreadsheets and time spent chasing data.

We are proud to be an endorser and support the SRS (Sustainability Reporting Standard) alongside RITTERWALD'S Certified Sustainable Housing Label on our platform:

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This is how you can streamline your ESG data management

Begin by assigning colleagues from all over the organisation to the metrics of the SRS by theme
  • Create unlimited accounts for all users

  • Add one or multiple colleagues to an SRS theme

  • Set your due date for when all data should be in by

  • Automated email reminders will be triggered as per your due date

Step 1 - Assign Collaborators
Upon login, colleagues will only be shown their assigned theme(s) for ease of use
  • While introducing a new system may seem daunting, our team will be on hand to help you during the initial onboarding

  • Unlimited remote training sessions will also be made available for any users needing a one-on-one

Entering data and writing the narrative against each SRS metric could not be more easier
  • Forms for data collection are pre-formatted and aligned to the SRS

  • Prepare for future auditing requirements by uploading evidence files

  • As endorsers of the SRS, we are committed to making sure you are always on the most up-to-date version of the standard

Download your SRS report in multiple formats
  • Available to download in a Word document and Excel Input Tool

  • An editable format allows you to circulate it internally with the confidence of knowing everyone is looking at the same data

  • Click here to see a sample of the report you can download

Step 5 - Download Report
Your ESG data hub to regularly track performance, set and monitor your goals
  • Set your data collection at an annual, quarterly or monthly basis

  • Drill down on your ESG performance through time

  • Strengthen your data governance with greater traceability and accountability

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What are the next steps?

Join over a third of the SRS adopters using Convene ESG by booking a demo below to see all the features in action and discuss your reporting needs and pricing options with us.

Meet the team working with the UK Social Housing sector

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Arturo Dell

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Gemma Walford

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In conversation with Jo Shields

Having become the first housing provider in the midlands to received the Certified Sustainable Housing Label from RITTERWALD, Jo Shields, Head of Sustainability & ESG at Walsall Housing Group sat down for an interview with Arturo Dell.

Hear from Jo as she recalls her experience in becoming the first to pilot RITTERWALD's certification process on Convene ESG. What advice she has for other housing associations seeking to embrace a reporting platform and her thoughts on the chainging ESG landscape.


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SRS Community (2.0)

The Role of Governance Professionals in Preventing Greenwashing

How ESG Reporting can Solve Greenwashing and Improve Governance.

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Your Guide to getting started with the Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS)

What is the SRS?

The Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS) is a voluntary ESG reporting framework that has been specifically designed for the Social Housing sector in the UK. The reporting standard comprises of 48 ESG criteria across 12 different themes.

The 48 criteria are divided into 30 ‘Core’ criteria and 18 ‘Enhanced’ criteria, including both quantitative and qualitative measures.

The Standard was set up in response to concerns that ESG investment in the social housing sector was being inhibited by the absence of a common reporting standard.

Since its launch, 80+ housing associations have begun reporting to the SRS with this number only expected to grow

SRS Standard

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