[fa icon="plus"] What platforms does the Convene app work on?
The Convene app works on Windows PC, Laptop and Mobile devices as well as iOS; iPhone and iPad. Convene also has apps for Apple and Android devices; phone and tablet. For more information on the technical specifications needed for each platform please visit our support page
[fa icon="plus"] Where is my data hosted?
Convene offers both on-premise and cloud hosted versions, this includes private cloud options. If you are choosing on-premise or private cloud hosting then you will be in charge of where the data is hosted. If you opt for our cloud hosted SaaS version then your data will be hosted within the EU or if you prefer in the UK. All of our data centres are accredited with ISO 27001. Please visit our security page for more information on hosting.
[fa icon="plus"] How is my data encrypted?
Data on Convene is encrypted from the moment the meeting pack leaves the organisers desktop until you open a page on the device. We use AES 256 for encrypting the data whilst it is on the servers and on the devices. We use a streaming decryption for viewing pages on the devices, this means that only the page you are looking at is decrypted. You can find out more about our security features here.
[fa icon="plus"] How is my login protected?
As well as a password that can be made as complex as your organisation requires, Convene also offers a number of additional security options. These include: device based two factor authentication; biometric authentication and SMS authentication. Convene will also work within Mobile Device Management systems such as Microsoft Intune, Airwatch and Mobile Iron. We also offer a Convene for Blackberry EMM version.
[fa icon="plus"] How do I log on to Convene?
You will be sent your Convene log on details by your company’s Convene administrator when your account is created. If you forget your log on details then it is best to contact them so that they can provide you with the URL, which will normally be something like yourcompanyname.azeusconvene.com. If they are not available then you can contact our support helpline and let them know the name of your organisation. The support team will then be able to provide you with the login address. If you forget your password just use the password reset button and instructions will be sent to your email address about what to do next.
[fa icon="plus"] Can I access documents or meetings offline?
Once you have downloaded the meeting pack you can read and annotate documents whilst you are working offline. All of the annotation features are available offline including assigning action points and the ‘conversations’ module. As soon as your device comes back online all of the annotations will sync back to the server automatically, no need for you to do anything. These annotations will then be available on any other device for you to view. You can find out more on our Convene for meeting attendees page.
[fa icon="plus"] Can I have a meetings offline?
Yes you can. You do not need to be online to use Convene for your meetings, as long as everyone has downloaded the meeting pack to their device before coming to the meeting. When you meet offline not all of the Convene meeting features will be available for you to use, some of them such as presenter mode or the virtual laser pointer need a wifi connection to function. You can download our guide to holding meetings on Convene offline here.
[fa icon="plus"] Does Convene integrate with Office 365?
Office365 documents can be dragged and dropped straight into the Convene agenda when preparing a meeting. No need to do any further preparation to enable them to be published to the attendees devices as part of the meeting pack. Convene also offers integration with Outlook, OneDrive and Sharepoint 365. Contact one of our product experts to find out more.
[fa icon="plus"] Does Convene charge by the number of meetings or by the number of users and administrators?
Convene has a simple per user charging model. With Convene you can have as many meetings, committees etc. as you wish. You can also have as many meeting administrators and system administrators as you need to make Convene work best in your organisation. You can even have guest licenses which allow you to invite people from outside of your organisation.
[fa icon="plus"] Do you offer discounts by type of organisation or number of users?
Yes, we do offer discounts for not for profit and academic organisations and for all types of organisation based on the number of user licenses that you need. Contact us for more details about pricing here.
[fa icon="plus"] Is there a minimum number of users licenses?
No. You can start with just one user license for the meeting organiser to speed up the process of producing the pack if you still want to print it off or email it to the attendees. Or if you want you could use Convene as a personal meeting management tool. Contact us for more details about pricing or to try out Convene for yourself.
[fa icon="plus"] Do you have a product feature list?
Yes, we have a feature list that you can download here. We also have a downloadable cost calculator and a sample requirements specification for you to build on if you are putting together a tender for a board portal.
[fa icon="plus"] Do you have quick start videos or guides?

Yes, we do. This is our quick start video list:

1. Create a meeting (quick start) (viewing time < 5 minutes)

1a. Create a meeting (comprehensive) (viewing time < 10 minutes)

2. Create a group for your board (viewing time < 2 minutes)

3. Setting up document access (viewing time < 2 minutes)

4. Making annotations on your meeting pack (viewing time < 3 minutes)

[fa icon="plus"] Is Convene available in languages other than English?

Yes, the Convene board app and digital meeting portal is also available in: Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The Convene portal can also be configured to be multilingual allowing administrators to pick their language of choice.

[fa icon="plus"] How can I uninstall Convene?

On a Windows powered device:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel
  2. Select “Uninstall a Program”
  3. Find Convene in the list of programs and double click on it
  4. Click “Uninstall”


On a Mac/Apple Laptop:

  1. In the Finder sidebar, click Applications.
  2. Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash (located at the end of the Dock)
  3. Choose Finder > Empty Trash.

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