Remote Working

The New Normal

Remote working has become the new normal for Boards, management teams, and committees given the current pandemic and resulting lockdowns, and many expect it to stay that way, even after social distancing is no longer necessary.

That means your board portal solution needs to be able to facilitate remote meetings effectively and efficiently.



Perfect tools for remote meetings

Convene offers an integrated, end-to-end dedicated digital meeting solution to enable your remote meeting process.

Not only does Convene possess all the vital tools for effective traditional meetings, but with the introduction of integrated video conferencing, presenter mode, shared annotations, and a range of live presentation tools, it is the perfect solution for remote meetings too.

Many of our customers have already spoken about the benefits of remote working with Convene

"For remote working, Convene is proving to be very beneficial since you can access the platform on a range of offline devices, so it’s possible to work effectively no matter where you are or what time it is."
Piraeus Bank
"It is not only about actual board meetings; it is also about the work of our board members outside the boardroom; how they access information using the information library and how easy it is for them to access information remotely."
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Grand Union Housing
"If we didn’t have Convene, the situation under Covid would not have worked the way it has. With Convene, everything has been seamless. As a result, the increased level of remote working has not had an impact upon us on the admin or user side, and things are working at the same speed as if we were in the office"
London Metal Exchange
"When we held a remote meeting with Convene, it was easy for our board member in New Zealand to follow the meeting. The Chairperson turned the pages for the other attendees, making the process run smoothly and removing the need for any attendee to spend time flicking through pages to find the specific information they needed."
Amadeus Capital Partners
“I think many of us at LSE are now moving towards being more agile in the way that we work. In that respect, Convene is not only improving the way we deal with the paperwork, but it’s actually improving the way we work. I am now more readily able to work from home or from the railway station than I was before.”
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London School of Economics

How to set up a Remote ‘Live’ Meeting

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Set-up and join a ‘Live Meeting’ from any device
  • Use and hand over ‘Presenter’ mode
  • Vote on agenda items
  • Highlight, set an action point, or ask a question using sticky notes
  • Add meeting papers
  • Take live notes and export them to shareable minutes


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