On April 19th, 2018 Azeus Convene won the SaaS Enterprise Solution of the Year at the IT Europa awards.

IT Europa’s European IT & Software Excellence Awards, now in its tenth year, recognises best practices in customer solutions and recognises service excellence from the vendor and distributor community.

Azeus Convene is a digital meeting platform and app, that is used at board and senior level meetings. Providing excellent security and designed to be used as easily as a day-to-day smart phone app, Convene has proven popular with enterprise level clients across industries, from Tesco PLC to NHS Blood and Transplant.

Our clients have been able to work seamlessly across devices, before during and after meetings thanks to the cross-compatibility of our product. Our document encryption and fail-safe measures are a step above other providers, with options for cloud or on-premise hosting, offering peace of mind to clients dealing with sensitive information.

Azeus Convene prides itself on human centred design, that makes meeting administration less tedious and eliminates time spent on mundane tasks, such as printing and re-organising board packs.

Since we started using Convene, we’ve made virtually zero calls to the Help Desk. There’s been good feedback about the user-friendliness of Convene and its ability to completely replace printed packs, which was one of the main drivers for procurement to begin with.- Chris Spanias, Solution Architect at Tesco UK.

By using Convene, all of our clients have become more sustainable when it comes to paper and printing waste. Tesco saves on printing 90,000 sheets of paper per annum on average at board level alone. Convene has also helped boards lead paperless and sustainable initiatives from the top.

 As can be imagined, the Enterprise Solution of the year is one of the most popular categories and attracts a large number of entries! Azeus Convene had a number of entries in various categories, and it was clear from the quality and nature of the client base that it had succeeded, not just in one special instance, but through a commitment to meeting customer needs, which is what the Awards are all about. Their solutions, while solving some basic requirements in meetings organisation, have to work in a demanding and high-level environment, and it was clear that Azeus Convene had worked hard on the implementation and succeeded in getting it right. - John Garratt, Head of Judge's Panel, IT Europa.

The team at Azeus Convene, continues to strive for excellence while making digital meetings secure and cost effective. Convene is now used in 70 countries across the globe in a variety of industries and organisations.

Convene is the SAAS Enterprise IT Award WINNER 2018


Lavaniya Das

Written by Lavaniya Das

Lavaniya Das is the Head of UK and EU Content at Azeus Convene UK.

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