On Thursday 2nd May, Convene sponsored the 2024 CGI ESG Summit. We’d like to thank the Chartered Governance Institute for such an engaging conference, and all attendees for their enthusiastic participation. 

The summit was a chance to connect with industry professionals and discuss the recent developments in the fast-paced ESG landscape. As more organisations begin to incorporate ESG into their agenda, goals and objectives, understanding both ESG risks and its opportunities is crucial.

This summit focused on these ESG risks, on the increasing regulatory and market demands and what your organisation needs to do to capitalise on this momentum. It provided attendees with the latest thinking on ESG regulation, legislation and best practice for UK companies and subsidiaries.

It started with a Keynote on ‘anti-ESG’ backlash, and how companies and their investors can move forward when facing this. This was followed by a debate by ESG experts on the challenges of how to prioritise different aspects of ESG alongside company and stakeholder interests.

There was then a talk on the role of the sustainability committee, discussing what works and what doesn’t when setting up board-level sustainability committees. 

This was then followed by an ESG regulation and reporting update, exploring the evolving landscape and what critical deadlines Boards should focus on amongst all of this new legislation. 

There was also a panel on top tips for getting ESG reporting right, which discussed the potential issues when gathering reliable ESG data. 

This is where Convene ESG comes in as a sponsor of the summit. 

Convene ESG allows you to simplify your ESG reporting by providing a platform to collect data, track progress, align with frameworks and produce reports.

Our end-to-end approach simplifies and automates much of the process, and will help your organisation not only generate a report, but be able set up and track your ESG goals. Our peer comparison feature also allows you to see which disclosure items your peers have reported on, as well as the best-practice recommendations for your industry.

With Convene ESG, you can be sure that your ESG report building runs smoothly, so you can instead focus on developing your sustainable strategies. 

After a break for lunch, there was a session that looked at managing ESG risks and what a Director’s duties and liabilities can be.

This was followed by a panel on Boardroom diversity, exploring the new frontiers for Board diversity and discussing how companies can continue to make their boards more diverse. 

There was then a panel about ESG engagement with investors, which saw investors discussing the future of ESG from their perspective and what role ESG plays in investment decisions. 

Finally, the day ended with a session that enabled attendees to identify the skill gaps in their Boardroom, and apply their ESG knowledge in practice. This looked at ‘plugging the ESG competency gap’, and helping organisations on all levels understand the importance of ESG.

The summit explored the evolving world of ESG, and helped organisations understand the sometimes overwhelming ‘alphabet soup’ of ESG legislation. 

We’d like to again thank the CGI for putting on such a thought-provoking conference, as well as all those in attendance for their enlightening discussions on the developing landscape of ESG. 

You can learn more about how Convene ESG can help your organisation in navigating this landscape and its regulations here.

Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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