On the 16th April 2024, Convene hosted our second webinar in our Convene ESG series, which focused on ‘Demystifying ESG in the EU’.

The webinar featured Professor Laura Corazza, a Senior Researcher of Sustainability Accounting and Accountability at the University of Turin. In her talk and presentation she explained the new EU CSRD Regulations, before going through some practical tips on how companies can start embracing ESG principles.

Laura Corazzo first spoke about the ESG regulatory landscape, and how disclosures have transformed over the years. She looked at the international reporting landscape specifically, and explained the difference between standards and frameworks.

Laura discussed the European strategy towards sustainability with the European Green Deal, and highlighted the targets, time frames and actions of said deal. 

Then Laura explored how the European ESG landscape has been transforming in recent years, starting with the European Taxonomy and its objectives. She spoke about the changes occurring to global economies including the implementation of the CSRD, the DNSH principle and the CSDDD. 

She then gave some background information surrounding the CSRD, and the differences between the previous NFRD legislation and the current CSRD. The CSRD has far more detail in regards to the data that companies need to provide in their reporting. 

Laura then introduced the CSRD timeline and phased implementation, noting that from January 1st 2024 reporting requirements apply to the first group of affected companies, with their reports being published in 2025. She ended the talk discussing double materiality and its logic.

To download the slides from Laura's talk, click here. Or scroll below to watch Laura's talk.

Thank you to all for those who attended, and to Professor Laura Corazza for her insights into ESG in the EU. 

Keep an eye out for updates on our next ESG webinar in May! 

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Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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