The Easter Bank Holidays are a well deserved time to rest and reset, but you may still find yourself contending with a lot of stress in the build-up and aftermath of 4 days off work! You may also find your team will take more time off around these dates. 

This will require you to have good governance in the period both before and after Easter! 

1. Have Good Time Management:

With people taking time off, you may find you have more tasks than normal. If you don’t have any high priority tasks, it can help to start with the smaller jobs first. 

Break the bigger tasks into step-by-steps to make them feel less overwhelming. If you still have meetings, maybe set aside a time in your calendar to focus on certain items on your to-do list!

If you are lucky enough to have time off, ensure all your urgent tasks are completed before you go!

2. Celebrate In The Office:

Good team morale is important for success and nothing makes people happier than chocolate! Leading up to Easter, you could host a bake sale for a charity of your choosing or have a mini Easter egg hunt! Team-building exercises like this can help you to focus on the S in ESG

If you are a remote working organisation, you could create easter-themed backgrounds or send an e-card!

3. Sweat The Small Stuff:

Easter is a time to focus on details! With fewer people in the office, you can spend more time on your tasks and less time distracted or in meetings.

Perfect your documents: get the words right and update any information. We have just entered a new tax year, so it is essential to make sure everything is in order for the year ahead!

4. Delegate Wisely:

If you are responsible for dishing out tasks, make sure you check the schedule! You don’t want to be giving high priority tasks to those who are taking time off! 

Similarly, you should make sure that you are not overburdening those who are working over this period. Assigning Action Items with appropriate deadlines means that everyone can work effectively!


5. Prioritise Security:

You may find that you start to focus on other elements or that the working atmosphere relaxes so much you let the small things slip, but you should also keep digital service security protocol in mind, especially if you are dealing with special category data

Having intuitive and secure software infrastructure can help you maintain the best practices. 

How Can Convene Improve Your Governance Throughout The Year?

Convene is an award-winning Board Portal designed to improve your governance. Now available for your whole organisation as Convene in Teams, our software can streamline your meeting processes from start-to-finish. 

We have a feature that will help you achieve every step of good governance:

  1. A Document Library including personal role-based access to ensure that your sensitive documents will only be seen by those you permit and other documents are available for all to see.
  2. A built-in audit trail, so you can be sure you are compliant with any and all regulations.
  3. Surveys, with the option for anonymity, so you can be sure you are aware of your employees opinions.
  4. Our accessibility features, including text-to-voice, make us the leading accessible Board Portal.
  5. Our state-of-the-art security is CMMI-Level 5 accredited, which means we could work with NASA and government services, so you can rest assured that your data is given the protection it deserves

If you would like to learn more about how Convene can help your organisation achieve better governance, contact us today or book a demo today!

Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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