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Park Square Capital Implements Convene

By Angeles Aversa on 11/04/17 14:16

Park Square Capital is one of Europe’s leading independent credit providers, investing in senior debt, subordinated debt and special situations.

Park Square focuses on investing in high-quality levered companies backed by leading financial sponsors in Europe and the US.  The firm has a selective, long-term and flexible investment approach, aimed at delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns across the market cycle.

Park Square was looking for a digital meeting solution for their quarterly meetings starting in March 2017 in order to reach their paperless targets and digitalisation goals. 

Convene's Senior Digital Product Expert advised them on how to migrate their documents to our cloud hosted servers so they could start using Convene as soon as possible. 

Park Square's board members gave positive feedback about Convene during the trial. They particularly liked the automatic update feature that enabled them to see all changes made to meeting packs on their device. Convene syncs all updates before, during and after the meeting while storing version histories.

Convene is  cross-platform compatible and easy to use as its was built to be user friendly. Board members at Park Square Capital didn't need any intensive training to learn how to use Convene because of its intuitive user experience.

Using Convene as an alternative to paper-based meetings is a sustainable practice as well as being environmentally friendly. Instead of multiple printouts you can send out digital meeting documents, make minor or major changes and update meeting participants’ documents in real time.


About Convene

Convene is a leading and award-winning digital meeting solution which can be easily configured specifically for your organisation to incorporate an easy-to-use, seamless, and secure digitalised process of creating and managing Board meetings and associated meeting materials.

Designed for senior executives, executive assistants and administrators, Convene is an end-to-end comprehensive solution that helps everyone to be fully prepared for the next meeting. It not only helps your organisation establish more robust Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes, but also eliminates stress factors of attending and arranging numerous meetings thereby making everyone healthier in the long run. Importantly, Convene is a paperless solution that helps create an environment-friendly workplace incorporating processes that are green and sustainable.

Angeles Aversa

Written by Angeles Aversa

Angeles Aversa is Convene's Inbound Specialist.

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