It is unusual to think that the first app you might go for in an emergency at your workplace is your digital meetings app but you may about to be surprised as to how useful Convene can be in such a situation.

Convene contains three useful functions that could be indispensible for your organization in distributing emergency procedures and contact numbers.

  1. You can run Convene on any device this also includes your Android or Apple phone
  2. Convene has a built in document Library in which you can create a folder and assign the group(s) of users who can view the folder
  3. Convene has a function called my documents that allows you to view non-meeting documents on your device


Step one is to set up your Emergency Folder in your Convene document Library, you can have more than one if you wish. Then assign users to the folder, this could be your senior management team, or your core emergency response team. We would recommend giving them the document view permissions, that way they will be able to view the document on their device.


Step two is to upload the documents that you want them to have access to into the folders. These can be any standard office document, so a spreadsheet with phone numbers, a word document with procedures etc.


Step three using the Convene Announcements feature invite the group of users to go to the folder and when and select the Briefcase icon. When the icon turns gold this means that the document is now available for them on their app in the ‘My Briefcase Folder’


The smart thing about this is that you only need to notify them once because when you update the document you just upload the new version into the folder, by right clicking next to the current version and the latest version will automatically be distributed to everyone who has the current version


For the user it is simple, to access the latest version of the procedures or emergency contact list, they just open Convene on their device; there is no need for the device to be online.


This process is also secure. As the document cannot be emailed or printed and the app can be remotely wiped, you no longer have to worry about private phone numbers or sensitive policies being accidentally emailed or left in a bag on the train.


Ornella Fondop

Written by Ornella Fondop

Digital Product Expert at Convene Europe

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