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What is Earth Day?

By Gabriella Mangham on 22/04/23 00:00

Today, 22nd April, the world is celebrating Earth Day, but what is it exactly?  

Earth Day is an annual event that began in 1970 designed to celebrate the birth of the modern environmental movement. It helps shine a light on the importance of our planet and raise awareness of the climate crisis and other issues surrounding the destruction of our environment. 

Every Earth Day has a theme, and this year's is “planet vs plastics”! 

What Does “Planet vs Plastics” Mean? 
“Planet vs Plastics" is a demand to reduce the global plastic production by 60% by 2040. 

Plastics are increasingly found to not only damage the health of the planet and wildlife but also humans too, with plastics even being found in our water and bloodstreams. More plastic has been produced in the last decade alone than the entirety of the last century, so action needs to be taken.

This Earth Day, there are also calls to phase out all single use plastics by 2030, calls to the fashion industry to minimise their plastic usage and fast fashion and further investment in technology to work towards the end goal of a plastic-free world. 

If you would like to learn more please read earthday.org's article.

How Can Your Organisation Make A Difference This Earth Day? 
The best way your organisation can make a difference is with a clear ESG plan. Having a minimal impact on your environment can be achieved by investing in the right type of energy providers, software, technology and reporting systems.  

Creating a quality ESG report is crucial for demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to the environment, and the data found in these reports helps organisations align their ESG plans for a better and more sustainable future.

How Can Convene Help Your Organisation’s ESG Plan? 

We are in the midst of an ever changing ESG landscape. From the evolving regulatory requirements to the increase in public and investor scrutiny, maintaining a resilient foothold in your organisation's ESG efforts is challenging.

That’s why we created Convene ESG, our own reporting tool to help your organisation on its ESG transformation journey.

Convene ESG takes an end-to-end approach that will allow your organisation to spend more time on moving towards net zero, by alleviating the challenges of ESG data gathering, performance tracking and reporting.

Learn more about Convene ESG and how it can help your organisation in investing in our planet here.

Gabriella Mangham

Written by Gabriella Mangham

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