A number of our customers who have decided to switch to Convene from another board portal, do so for one simple reason. Cost.

Convene is a premium product, with all the functionality (& more) that you would expect of an established board portal, offered at a fraction of other providers.

Why spend more on your board portal?

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This blog highlights how Convene offers the best value for money when compared to other premium board portal products, and features customer insight into why they switched to Convene. It will initially outline Convene’s impressive core functionality (including our new integrated Audio-Conferencing feature), before highlighting how Convene’s speedy, unrestricted file size upload and complimentary user management services make Convene the best value for money board portal on the market.

1. Core Functionality

Convene is an award-winning board portal solution. It has purpose-built features to support the planning, hosting and action stages of your meetings.

  • Pre-Meeting Planning

    • Schedule and publish one- or multi-day meetings
    • Build the agenda via drag and drop
    • Circulate meeting packs and last-minute amendments in one click
    • Monitor agenda delivery status
    • Create Private or Shared Annotations online or offline
  • Meeting Hosting

    • Remote meeting functionality, now featuring in app audio-video conferencing.
    • Present, vote, and collaborate in real-time on any device
    • Range of live meeting tools
    • Range of document navigation tools
    • Easy and straightforward meeting-minute & note taking feature
  • Post Meeting Actions

    • Instant Meeting Summary option
    • Export in meeting in a variety of formats
    • Minute generation using custom templates
    • Track and monitor action points

‘Prior to Convene, the process was lengthy. Convene is used for
our Board meetings and a range of other management meetings.
It’s now so much easier to coordinate everything!’
Julia Wiles, Assistant to the Chief Executive &
Governance and Performance Manager, HouseMark

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‘Convene and Diligent were so similar in terms of basic core functionality,
that the difference in cost just didn't justify staying with Diligent.’
Company Secretary, Hilton Food Group

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2. Integrated Audio-Conferencing

Convene with Audio-Conferencing delivers a powerful and secure, single-screen meeting platform for board meetings, eliminating the need for other applications. Using only Convene, boards can effectively discuss critical business matters, collaborate across teams to make crucial decisions.

While other board portal providers need to integrate third party applications into your meetings, Convene offers an integrated, end-to-end meeting solution.

Simply launch your remote meeting in Convene and be instantly connected to your team.

|     Visit our Audio-Conferencing Page here     |

3. Unrestricted File Size + Quick Upload

We know your Board needs to contend with large volumes of business information. This means your board portal solution needs to be able to contend with large amounts of information too. That is why we designed Convene to have unrestricted file size upload, also featuring speedy upload times.

Often your admin team will need to add large files to your board pack at the last minute, you need your board portal solution to be able to handle this task.

‘Convene does not restrict file size for attached documents like
large PowerPoint presentations which were restricted
by Diligent at 15MB. The Diligent survey was clunky and very slow to load.’

Company Secretary, Hilton Food Group

‘The Document Library is also particularly useful and it’s easy to edit.
It’s really helpful when you have to submit papers at the last minute…
We were impressed by how fast the file upload was!’
Scott Hyde, Senior Governance Manager, Clarion Housing

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4. Managing Users

We give our customers full ownership of their system, giving administrators total control over managing users & groups and accesses & permissions, without the need to undergo any change request process.

If a Board member - or any other Convene user - leaves your organisation and the record needs updating to reflect the incoming personnel on your Board portal solution, we are happy to do this free of charge. Other board portal providers charge for this process.

We know your teams are always evolving so you can continue to provide an excellent service, whatever that may be. So your board portal solution provider should not incur unnecessary user management fees for your business.

These are just a few big picture reasons why more and more of you are choosing Convene. If you have any questions about any of the above, or want to get in touch with one of our sales team to hear about how Convene can support your organisation's meeting process, don't hesitate to get in touch here, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Solomon Rackham

Written by Solomon Rackham

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