5 min read

The Convene Guide to Switching Board Portal

By Solomon Rackham on 01/10/20 09:00

Change can be daunting, but switching to Convene is easy! Whether your organisation has identified a potential cost saving opportunity or just wants better meetings and security, it is important to know the steps before you switch.

Topics: Switching Board Portal
6 min read

7 benefits of using a Board Portal

By Gabriella Mangham on 24/09/20 09:00

The first stage in any due diligence process is reviewing alternative options to the status quo. You may be wondering how you can save money and still keep the same level of functionality in your current meeting software or processes. This is where Convene can help you out. 

Topics: Security Switching Board Portal Board Portal Features
5 min read

All the functionality, a fraction of the cost!

By Solomon Rackham on 18/08/20 13:15

A number of our customers who have decided to switch to Convene from another board portal, do so for one simple reason. Cost.

Topics: Switching Board Portal Minutes

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