Yesterday, I attended an Association of Colleges West Midlands Clerks’ Network meeting for the first time at Telford College. The day started of well, with me getting to snap this beautiful example of English countryside scenery:

Convene for digital clerking at the AoC

It was a pleasure to meet so many clerks and learn a little more about their day to day work. We discussed how paperless meetings help address some of the many challenges they face to ensure meetings are quick to produce, secure to disseminate, easy to minute, and simple to update.

The other side of digital clerking is also ensuring that meeting attendees, or governors, also find the platform simple to use. Members of the network want to make sure that digital meeting papers/packs are easy for users to find, search, navigate, and annotate.

In fact, 3 out of around 20 of the clerks in the network were already using Convene, so we discussed how easy they had found it to roll out to their users, and they shared their experiences on how to engage less technically inclined users.

The best part of a platform like Convene, other that the compatibility across Windows, iOS and Android, is that colleges and schools can sign up for a free trial, which even comes with full training for all those involved.

Contact us, to start a free trial and setup a secure meeting environment today.

Gemma Walford

Written by Gemma Walford

Customer Success and Senior Product Consultant at Azeus Convene Europe

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