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Convene ESG Sponsors Track League 2023

By Lottie Wright on 05/04/23 17:11

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For the fifth year running, Convene is delighted to be sponsoring Herne Hill Velodrome Track League 2023 with Convene ESG

As we continue to find answers to climate change, organisations and companies are increasingly required to demonstrate their sustainability through strict environmental-based frameworks. ESG is one such framework, and with Convene ESG you can help your organisation simplify their ESG data collection and reporting.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance, and refers to the documented sustainability efforts that a company can make in order to shape better environmental, social, and governmental practices for the future.

With Convene ESG, our aim is to alleviate some of the challenges of ESG data gathering, performance tracking, and reporting for ESG factors so organisations can focus instead on their moves towards global sustainability and net zero.

Here at Convene, it is important to us that we maintain our eco mission and green philosophy. We are a paperless company dedicated to helping other organisations develop their sustainability goals, and Convene ESG is just one of our products that achieves this.

Sponsoring Track League is a chance for us to demonstrate further our commitment to sustainability, as well as support a community space that so many people enjoy. 

ACTL22 IMG4 - c - Alessandra Bucci
ACTL22 IMG3 - c - Alessandra Bucci
ACTL22 IMG7 - c - Alessandra Bucci
ACTL22 IMG9 - c - Alessandra Bucci

Photos by Alessandra Bucci - https://www.instagram.com/ale.b.photography/



Herne Hill Velodrome is a place where all sorts of different people come together to exercise, race, compete and most importantly have fun, and it is these kinds of spaces that are vital to the social and environmental wellbeing of a community.

Track League is an event for all ages, with riders both new and experienced competing across multiple categorised races, to gain points in order to become the overall winner of the League.

Taking place every Wednesday starting April 5th, riders and spectators alike come to Herne Hill Velodrome for some excellent live racing and a brilliant atmosphere.

Look out each week for the leader of the youth female, youth male, senior female and senior male competitions, who’ll be wearing an eye-catching 2023 Convene ESG leaders jersey.

Learn more about Convene ESG and what we can do to support your organisation towards a sustainable future here, as well as how we have supported Herne Hill Velodrome in the past.

Lottie Wright

Written by Lottie Wright

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